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Loose Ends

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

update and new KAL!

Hi there!

I'm doing a lot-ish better with this whole concussion nonsense.  Unfortunately, for me, goal oriented chick that I am, I'm deeply annoyed that recovery isn't a straight line for this type of thing.  I'm used to straightforward injuries, generally ones that I am responsible for, where you feel better and better and done... Rather than this two steps forward one step back kind of thing. 

So, pacing myself meant giving up the knitting for a little while... I know, I know.  It was pretty much torture.  I spun quite a bit, and gave that yarn to Naomi and she lurves it and that's so awesome.  And I started spinning a kind of striping yarn with a bunch of small pieces of natural fibers I have laying about.  And then we had our Meet the Dyer with June Pryce Fiber Arts and I just couldn't resist this one called "Happy Accident"  I mean, seriously, and it's gorgeous.  So I've switched gears (not literally, cause I'm still spinning at the same ratio -- ha ha spinning humor) and I'm working on that now.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to manage a two-ply sport weight.  That is my goal.  If I end up being able to spin *nothing but* two-ply sport weight yarn I'll consider myself a total success.

That is how I'm staying (relatively) sane.  I started knitting again a little two nights ago and it is working okay and not making me (mentally) exhausted.  I'm working on a dress for the Zone, and it's coming out well (after I had to rip out most of the front of it because I switched right and wrong sides... grrr.)

But I'm staying busy with the making yarn and the garden and generally doing "summer" with the girls.

KAL!  Next up is the Crazy Easy KAL, in which we all knit our most favorite simple project: The Crazy Easy Cowl. 
 For those of you who don't know, it's entirely one piece of stockinette until the last row where you intentionally drop a bunch of stitches, which turns it from boring into magic.  Okay, maybe it's not actually magical, but it's still pretty good bang for your buck. 

I've whipped up a new one in this delightful yarn Seda Rustica  One skein makes a generously long Crazy Easy Cowl.  I can even wear it doubled:

It's 80 and humid in my office, so yes, you only get one picture.  Also, I'm super tan from going to the pool with the girls yesterday (and all of the "not knitting" I've been doing outside -- mostly watching my pumpkins grow.)

Now, I am still learning about this whole KAL thing, and last time I was setting it up furtively while my kids were having a playdate and I made the Spring Sproing KAL WAY TOO LONG.  I now understand that part of the challenge is to finish the project within the given amount of time.  Two months to knit a hat, that is a bit much.  So we're going to shrink this one down to THREE WEEKS.  That's right, 3 weeks to knit a piece of stockinette, drop some stitches, sew the ends together, unravel all of the dropped stitches, and post pictures to the internet. 

I know, that may still be too long, but hey, it's summer, and we all have lots going on.  Forgive me.  I have to spend a good portion of that time watching my pumpkins grow.  Luckily the Crazy Easy Cowl is, in fact, easy enough to knit with a concussion.  So I'll be joining you and knitting it out of something squishy and wooly -- maybe some handspun.  I'll decide in a day or two.  We'll be starting the first day of August, and going until midnight of the 21st - so you have three weeks and the cowl will be finished for that first school run (holy crap, where did summer go?).


1st is a $25 gift certificate to Bella Yarns (online or In Real Life)
2nd is a kit to knit the Crazy Easy Cowl in Seda Rustica (the yarn featured in the tutorial) in a color of your choosing! (shipped free to you wherever you are, or to pick up in the shop if you prefer...)

So.  In a couple of days I'll post the tutorial for the last row that seems to trip everyone up.  It's not really difficult, I swear, it just needs pictures me thinks.  In the meanwhile, check out your stashes and look for something that will be happy and/or drapey at 3 stitches to the inch (honestly, doesn't matter that much) at least 160 yards.  The Seda Rustica is 218 yards and it is generously long.

Then we can all get crackin' on the 1st!

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