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Loose Ends

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Stuff and string

Oh, hello dear friends.  Sorry for my relative silence recently.  It's been a wacky couple of weeks here.  First the end of the school year happened, with all of its bittersweet moments, and then summer vacation starts and the girls and I had to relearn how to be together all day, nearly every day, without emotionally damaging eachother.... that was a process.  And our adorable Bob got a bit of a stomach bug that gave us quite a scare (and a hefty vet bill, sigh...) Then, joyfully, we went to Maine to see the grandparents, and bask in the glow of early summer there -- which is lovely, I highly recommend going *before* 4th of July, it's so nice.

Sadly, on the way back from Maine we were in a pretty substantial car accident.  We are all mostly fine.  The girls, thankfully, are totally fine -- just a few rough nights of nightmares and poor sleep, and some anxiety about riding in the car.  Josh is pretty badly bruised and sore, and was hit in the head by something (it all happens so fast!) I got a concussion (just from the headrest slamming into the back of my head, whoa) and I've been feeling pretty dazed and sore since.  I am recovering.... slowly.  Apparently, these things take time and I'm one of the least patient people I know.  I had SUCH GREAT PLANS for this summer.  This week the girls were in summer camp.  A whole week to myself to work, clean, photograph yarns, and otherwise kick ass, and I have been a shadow of my former self.  It is supremely frustrating for a person who is as non-stop as me to slow down to the level required for me to heal.  Especially since I haven't ever had this much time to work since Clara was born, I was so hopeful, and I had so many lists, that it hurts that I can only cross a couple of items off.  pffft.  accidents are frustrating, and concussions are hard.

So, I'm looking back at my week of "work" while the girls were in summer camp and I'm realizing I did, MAYBE, 2 days of work.  sigh.  I have all of the yarns photographed (all of the yarns we have, that don't have adequate photos online) and so now I can slowly start to create those items on the website.  At least that was pretty mindless, and we had great light all week long, so it was a good task for me to complete in my brain fog.  I did a bit of accounting, so I could stay on top of the bills, so that is always good.  But, I'm just now getting clear enough to start telling you about all of the things I was up to before someone hulk-smashed our car.

The prettiest thing is that I finally got the next installment of our "local color" category up... another gorgeous yarn from our friend Kate at A Hundred Ravens.  In fact I mentioned it as a possibility for my next Engineered Seams last time.... Tyche.  I do love A Hundred Ravens.  In fact, in my sadness and pain (and anger, and frustration) about the car accident, Kate handed me a ball of Danu in a color called Grass (there was only one, sorry folks) and Naomi handed me a pair of 16" #7 circs and they patted me (gently) on the head and said, "Get thee to your doctor, NOW!" (honestly, my excuse for not going was that I forgot my knitting and what would I do in the waiting room?) and I have been knitting on the Danu pretty much non-stop since then.  First a hat for Clara, and then a dress for Zoë... but that is for next time.  Seriously, stay on target Kim.

Right.  So Tyche is Danu's skinny sibling, a fingering weight yarn much like Tosh's Merino Light but just slightly heavier.  Oh, do I love being a fiber artist RIGHT NOW, when there are so many delicious options with so many delicious patterns.  Seriously.  There is a wealth of great yarns right now.  Erin, dear friend and part-time yarn shop helper knit a gorgeous cowl out of one skein of Tyche-- the Vancouver Rain Cowl.  Erin used the color Kyoto, which is a stunning pink/grey/white multi that you think would be BONKERS bright but is actually so gentle and subtle and gorgeous in this pattern.

I had a skein of Friesen which is a teal-y-green/silver-y-grey multi and I had started working up the Lacey Baktus but frogged it when I screwed it up the 5th or possibly 6th time.  Honestly, the pattern isn't complicated, but it's deceptively NOT simple.  So I thought I could just hum along, la la la, and then I would look down and realize I had screwed it up.  ugh.  So, when I saw the Vancouver Rain Cowl I realized I needed to just make that.

And so I did:

Now this was a pattern you could just hum along to.  After the set-up round it is pretty mindless and you just keep going until a) you run out of yarn or b) you get the right number of rows -- which you can count by counting your yarn overs.  It basically knit itself.  It's long enough that you wear it doubled around your neck, but light enough that you could keep it handy for over-air-conditioned places, or for cool summer nights/mornings dropping the kids off at summer camp.

I love how nicely the two-toned colorway knit up, it was vaguely stripey, and not at all pooly, which is, frankly, how I like my multis.  joy.  I have many recently completed things in the pipeline to show you.  A tutorial for our next KAL, the hat that I made for Clara, Zoë's dress, I've been spinning... seriously.  And personally, we've been doing quite a bit of gardening, and having way too much fun at Coggeshall Farm -- Clara fell in love with a baby cow there and the pictures are beyond cute.  Also, I had actually started working on the kitchen again, and it's nearly there!  It's going to take me a while to get all these sentences formed an typed, so I may be posting more slowly until I'm feeling a little bit better, but we'll get there!  The universe is going to teach me patience, one way or another it seems.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.  We're going to hit up the local farmer's market and see if the 4H table is there -- Clara and farm animals are best friends, so we need to get her hooked up with that, at least until I convince Josh we need chickens.  That's going to be a tough sell... and it may be a while before I'm up to the task of building a coop!

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