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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spring Sproing KAL - Tutorial

Like I said last time, I feel a little goofy for making this a tutorial - but I know how some knitters see a new technique and freak out and don't want to try it.  Much like my kids when approaching a new vegetable.  This is a fear of new things that we all have and I figured I'd put some pictures together to show you just how stinkin' easy spiral knitting is and you'd all join in the fun of the KAL. (which I accidentally made 2 months long instead of 1, oops.  I say, it's just more time for you to knit lots of hats and get multiple entries in the giveaway -- am I right?)

So here you are, having just finished the ribbing with your main color.  You've increased, and you are ready to join your contrast color. 

I'm using Skacel Simplinatural which is my new best friend -- even though it has enough alpaca in it to make it too itchy for me to wear on my head.  I'm sadly, a little allergic to alpaca.  It never used to be this way, I blame too much time rolling around in it, I just developed an intolerance.  Luckily I'm not allergic to wool or cashmere, so don't feel too bad for me :)

Also, I knit the brim on US8 because this will end up as a shop sample and someone *cough* Naomi *cough* says my brims are always too loose.  I aim to please, so I knit the ribbing in an 8 and switched to a 9 when I knit my increase row.

When I tie on a new color of yarn I always (regardless of the pattern author's requests to do otherwise) tie my new color onto my old color.  I make a half-hitch around the MC with my CC and then I can slide the CC up to where I'm going to start knitting:

Now, start knitting with your CC - nothing fancy, just knit a round.  Note that I have no end of round marker because I will just stop when I get to the last blue (MC) stitch.

Doo doo dee doo dah, turn all those stitches gray (CC) -- even the last one!

Check it out from the back - just a round of gray (CC)

Now just grab the blue (MC) and start knitting - there will be no twisting of the yarns or otherwise messing about, just grab the blue(MC) and go:

See, blue, then gray, then blue:

knit the rest of the round with the blue (MC) and then, you guessed it, pick up the gray (CC) and start knitting, then when you've knit a round with the gray, pick up your main color and knit again and soon enough you'll have hat.

The decreases with this hat are purposefully offset to make the spiral more spiral-y which I think is a thoughtful touch.  To be honest, Naomi put my name on the pattern because at one point I told her that it wasn't slouch-y enough (Naomi was not a connoisseur of the slouchy hat, and was relying upon me for critical advice in the genre ;) I told her that she needed to increase the number of stitches to make it slouchy - she couldn't just make the hat longer.  I was, as usual, only too happy to give her my opinion and to my surprise, she gave me author credit.   All the rest of the details, including the sweet decreases are all her. 

It's such a quick knit that I finished days ago and I'm just waiting for better lighting and a quiet moment (hard to find them both together these days) to take a horrid selfie so you can see the end result.  I wish that I could wear it for more than 5 minutes without wanting to scratch my forehead off because I would certainly knit my self a snuggie out of this yarn if I could.  Why is something so soft to my hands so wretched to the rest of my person?  It seems a bit unfair -- my hands love love love this yarn, the rest of me thinks it's poison.

I haven't weighed my leftovers yet, but I'm pretty sure that I could get an opposite hat -- switching the MC and CC.  So that makes each hat quite a bit more affordable, and --hint hint-- each finished project you link to the KAL page gets you an entry for the prizes, so make two and double your chances!

Really, that was a pathetic little tutorial -- do you see now how easy spiral knitting is?  It's so easy it barely qualifies as a "technique" and the pattern is FREE, free I tell you!

 joooooin our KAL

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