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Loose Ends

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Engineered Seams

Let me start off by saying that I adore this sweater.  I really do.  flaws and all, I have worn it a lot, even though I finished it right before it started to get warm.  I have worn it for days on end, and the yarn is actually machine washable (crazy, I know, but it is - I don't put it in the dryer, though, because that was a lot of stitches.....)

I will make it again, and I will make changes, but oh, how I love it.  First, just look at it:

Doesn't it have that, slouchy, sexy, edgy thing going on?  Oh, but it's not so easy to look this good.  Usually, when I'm not paying attention (most of the time) the bottom short row section goes all rogue on me and ends up looking like a strange appendage/fanny pack/flap of something:

which means I spend a lot of time doing this:

This annoys me, but I love the sweater and the neckline is DAMN sexy and I loves it so I will put up with it.  I think the floppiness of the bottom of the sweater is due to two factors.  1 - the yarn I was using was a little thinner than the intended yarn - the designer used two strands of a laceweight yarn and I think my kinda skinny fingering weight (Quaere Silk Singles) may have been a bit too fine.  2 - The designer used all wool, which as we know, has less drape, more spring, and Silk Singles is, aptly named, 30% silk.  This means it's undeniably gorgeous (as is the color, oh my god, my colorway is Slate which captures perfectly the gray/not gray complexity of slate.  while the sweater is definitely "gray" it is also purple, blue, and olive green.  sigh.  i just love it) but it's also more drapey and this does no favors to the bottom slouchy section.

Also, given that I have had two adorable children, I may be a bit sensitive about my torso and it's general squishiness, so some of that extra fabric just bugs me.  So next time I make it (and there will be a next time because, dear lord that neckline...) I'm going to leave out the short rows on the bottom.  Or possibly do fewer repeats of the short row section... it's an easy hack of the pattern and it will use less yarn and bug me less.

I'll still wear it, and love it, and fix it incessantly to make it look slouchy -- not floppy.  I'm still trying to figure out what to make this out of for next time - possibly Tyche, Danu's more slender sibling.  I think the all-wool-ness and its slightly heavier gauge will make this work much better. Or I could go all drape and make another freaking dress.... oh, oh, i'm insane, but that would be awesome.... possibly with short sleeves?

Seriously, I have to stop going down the rabbit hole with the knitting these days.  Fall yarn previews (the yarn we have sent early so I can knit samples) are coming in and I need to make the samples.  I'm working on SO MANY THINGS that I can't go stash diving and knitting a dress on fingering weight yarn.  as tempting as that is.....

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