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Loose Ends

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

And then I did it again

Well the first dress went so well. And then I saw this pattern that I loved and this model -- here check it out. I found the Enchanted Mesa intriguing but I wondered if I would like the finished project.  But this woman made 3 of them and then I started looking at the rest of the projects and I just had to give it a shot.

I had a PILE of Cash Iroha from when we decided to discontinue it from the shop.  I mean, I loved that yarn like I love my kids and I just couldn't sell it at a massive loss.  Sometimes Naomi and I figure, hey, we bought it, we're just taking it home.  So we divvied up the colors and into my stash it went - for like 4 years.... sigh. 

I knew that enchanted mesa was a pattern that changes size by gauge and I thought the cash iroha would be the right gauge for my size and I just went for it.  In hindsight I wish that I had done a gauge swatch and laundered it because after blocking this sweater is enormous.  I love it and I wear it but I do wish it were smaller.  This is such a common complaint from our customers that I feel both a sense of solidarity for it and also like a bit of an idiot because the thing that I am always telling people I did myself.  From the photo above I really need to cuff the sleeves or rip them back I mean, it looks like I don't have hands.... wait, here are my hands... oh phew.

sigh.  But the sweater was insanely fun to knit and I would make it again (in a different gauge) in a heartbeat.  I also love how some people make it in a solid color, or also make fewer short row sections on the shoulder to make the armhole on that side smaller and the result is a much more closely fitting sweater.  This is definitely a pattern that feels like a choose your own adventure story and there are so many modifications that people have made that it feels like as a group we are tweaking the design and it's fantastic.  It felt a little odd to me to pay so much for what is essentially a "springboard" pattern.  That being said, it has been such a fun trip knitting it that I feel like the experience is worth it.  I have to admit feeling a little weird and disappointed about it when I looked at the pattern initially.  After knitting the garment I've concluded I'm happy to pay Stephen for the design inspiration because it is safe to say that I would never have come up with this idea myself.  I do wish that I could send a dollar to all of those projects whose mods inspired me to a) make it in the first place b) make it a dress and c) re-think color.  Without all of those awesome mods presented I never would have made it, and I would probably not even think about making a 2nd, or 3rd...  I think it really does show why I love Ravelry so much - how community, even online community can make us all more creative and experimental.  And also why I love Stephen West's designs so much because they are fun, thoughtful, and the also encourage me to be creative and experimental. 

Now that I'm blogging about it I'm remembering how much FUN it was to make and I kind of want to make another.  Oh no, I feel another stash dive coming up.... I need to finish some things on my needles first.  Really, I have to have some self control.... but I probably won't.  heh. 

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