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Loose Ends

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Spring Sproing KAL

Hi there.  Soooooooo.  I'm going to try something a little different here, at the blog, and at the shop.  We're trying our first ever Knit-a-long --KAL for those in the know.  For the record I was not in the know and I HAD to do a tremendous amount of research on the internet *cough* ravelry *cough* to figure out how it works.  I know, my job, it is such hard work sometimes.

If you are new to the whole KAL thing, let me explain how it generally works.  People "get together" online, and knit a particular pattern, and they talk about it on ravelry - by talk about it I mean they post something saying "Hey, I'm doing this!" on a KAL thread on a group in ravelry.  Then they make a project page for the project they are making and then they do their best to finish by a certain date.  When they finish they post to a different thread on ravelry (generally called a Finished Object -- FO thread) and they get entered into a drawing for prizes.

Sometimes when you have a really "famous" designer they will do a MYSTERY KAL and you have no idea what you are making but you know you like the designer's work so the "prize" of that kind of KAL is getting to knit the pattern before everyone else can.  Which is cool, but there are generally no other prizes.  There, now I've taught you something today.  But wait, there's more!

We have this great pattern on Ravelry that Naomi and I worked on together and it's a freebie - so bonus.  We think it's fantastic and we'd like lots of people to make it so we thought maybe if we do a KAL we'll get lots of project pages up and other folks will see the pattern and get inspired.  It's a great hat called Sproing and it takes 2 colors of a heavy worsted/aran weight yarn.  We thought we'd do this one first because it's free and easy AND it would make a great father's day gift -- It looks really great on Josh.... (I really miss that beard...)
That one is knit in Simpliworsted.  The hat is reversible and uses a super easy two-color knitting technique called spiral knitting.  Honestly, I feel kind of silly making a tutorial about it but I wanted to SHOW you how simple it is.  So, next post is a tutorial for how to do spiral knitting, which is essentially 3 pictures and some text because it is that easy.

So one exciting thing about our KAL is because we want to encourage people to post their projects is if you've already knit a Sproing and you want to enter into the drawing you can post your project to the FO thread to enter.  Our only requirement is that you have a picture on your project page.

So go to our KAL thread here, join, and start knitting!

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