Loose Ends

Loose Ends

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Friday, April 11, 2014

purple girl

So there was another bonkers bright color of Frolicking Feet (this time the fingering weight version -- no DK) that I had to get for the Zone at our Done Roving Meet the Dyer.  I mean, it's so bright, and so happy, and I had been trying to find just the right yarn for this button that we got just for Zoë - giant plastic pinky-purple gems... 

I used my tiny cardigan again - this time starting with the 12-24 month size and just adding a few more rows of increases to make it a touch bigger.  I'm thrilled with the sweater - the fit is perfect for her.  The buttons have a tendency to get pulled on a lot since they are so huge (and irresistibly sparkly) and they have been reattached many times.... but it is her go to sweater, and she wears it pretty constantly. 

I put this also in the machine for wash & dry - last time I had a towel with it and it got linty, so now I know to be a bit more careful with what I wash it with.

Still we love it.

This time Zoë decided to model for you.  Since I had pushed all the furniture out of this corner of our dining room (great light & neutral walls!) and was modelling all of the things that I've made for myself recently - I guess it looked like fun.  She was sad that she didn't get to use the camera remote...

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