Loose Ends

Loose Ends

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So then, when your daughter's kindergarten teacher says, "If your kid thinks it's cold in our room, they are right!  We can't do anything about it, there is some weird problem with the cooling system, just dress them warmly!"

Seriously, I was powerless.  Add to it our series of Meet the Dyer events at our shop, and my emotional fragility, and well, you have a recipe for insane amounts of knitting.

I have this game I play during the Meet the Dyer events, where I pick what I want and if it's still there at the end of the event then I get to have it.  I normally try to keep it kind of real, you know, and not say, "THE ENTIRE TABLE!!!!" You can probably tell which skeins I had my eye on...

We know that Clara loves green, and, well, this green from Done Roving is just *so* green.  The colorway is called Cloverleaf which really does it justice.  I love the Meet the Dyer events for shopping for my kids, because often hot pink and really saturated greens do not do so well in our shop.  So I can pick and choose just the skeins that I need to make them something they'll love and I don't have to commit to an amount the store just couldn't normally justify.

That last picture was taken the day after the Coggeshall Farm Harvest Fair, and Clara was up next in the sweater queue.  I let her have her pick of patterns, and she oddly picked a sweater I had already knit for her when she was 18 months old... Charley from Berroco #274.  But it is a great pattern, and I was happy to make another.

The yarn is Frolicking Feet DK (but I really think it's a sport weight) I added a few stitches to the back and fronts to make it a bit bigger and help with the swing effect it is supposed to have.  And I had to knit a few extra rows on the sleeves (oh, I wish I had knit a few more on the body as well-- hindsight!)  It turned out well, and quickly became Clara's favorite sweater.

one month later at Coggeshall Farm (again!) snuggling their barn kittens
Seriously, I think she wore it every day for a few months.  I'm thrilled with how colorfast and durable this yarn is.  The super high twist is very soft and also very pill resistant.  Again, with the tossing it in the washer AND dryer, and being all, "Thank you, Ma'am!  May I have another!"  I love you Frolicking Feet DK. 

Again, I'm always surprised at their choice for buttons - Clara isn't always that sparkly, but this button really picks up the green from the sweater.  It's quite charming.  Another un-intended awesomeness from this pattern is the way that the button band stretches out to look like some cool rope cable.  Really the sweater has just stretched from wear, but it looks intentionally cool, and we're going with it.

I wish you all could touch this and feel how great the yarn is.  You'll just have to take my word for it.  The sweater is getting a bit short in the body, but it will still look nice over dresses next fall (I hope... she may grow a foot between now and then, it's hard to know!)

am I done?  nope!  I also picked up some awesome pink & purple Frolicking Feet (fingering, not DK) for Zoë and she's next!

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