Loose Ends

Loose Ends

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

out of order

Oh, I have a delightful post for you lined up, but Clara won't take the sweater off long enough for me to take pictures of it... perhaps this afternoon, since it's sunny now and the snow (sigh...) has mostly melted.  Since I can't continue in chronological order,  I'll have to skip ahead to something that I made for me.  I did do a bit of that this winter as well.  As delightful as it is to knit for the girls, sometimes I'm just, well, cold, and I need sweaters!  I've also had some sweater losses recently do to wear and tears, so I've had to knit some new things -- or brave the cold!

Meet Boxy #2 (Boxy #1 is a sample at the shop and I can't actually wear it right now since it's on a bust, but there is a funny story about me casting on 100 too many stitches and only finding out when I cast off the back neck... sigh, the more I knit the bigger my mistakes!)

oh, and I cut my hair off a couple of weeks ago, no big deal -- it was time.

I was doing my very best to knit a sweater reminiscent of the shirts in this blog post.  I knew when I saw these that a) I would love wearing something like this and b) they were basically boxy with stripes.   Which I had knit before, and darn it, could knit again.

I had originally gotten the red yarn from String Theory to make a Knitbot pattern but I ended up giving  skein to a friend, leaving me 2... all I really needed was a great contrast color.  Luckily we had just gotten a shipment of Madelinetosh, and this Merino Light in Hickory was just the thing for the look I was going for.

I have to say, that there is a part of this pattern, right about 12" into the body -- it's knit in the round -- where it feels interminable.  The stripes helped nudge me along to finish, which is good because when there are little girl sweaters to knit, it's hard to motivate.  I'm thrilled that I did, as I wear it constantly and it's been cheering me up during this long, long, (did I mention long?) winter.

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