Loose Ends

Loose Ends

the creative impulse gone awry

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Too bad she's petite...

Not that I'd really encourage her to be on Top Model anyway, but Zoë loves being in front of the camera.  Here she is modelling one of the cowl's for our next eBook.  She kept photobombing while I was taking pictures with the cowls on the mannequin so I just wiped the strawberry crust off of her chin and popped one on her.  Too cute!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Life and knitting

Balance, ha!  I've been trying...but, really, let's face it.  Life with two small children, a business (if you count the webstore, it actually feels like *two* businesses) and then trying to be super-woman and taking time for yourself... long story short, I'm just going to be exhausted and burning the candle at both ends (and maybe cutting the candle in half and burning it from 4 ends) for a while.
The object is to survive, teach the kids some manners, stay connected with my sweetie and my friends, keep the customers *largely* happy (can't keep them all happy, that's just retail 101) and occasionally shower.  We'll see.

So, hi, let's catch up.  We've all been pretty repetitively sick here for a while.  Just coughs and some stomach bugs, nothing tragic, but like a mosquito in your bedroom at night it has been making it hard to sleep.  Also, bonus, I've been getting these stupid migraines which is making my normal pace of life impossible so things have been going undone - which freaks me out, but I have very little control of it, so I'm trying to let it go.  I am under the care of our fantastic family doctor and I'm heading to the chiropractor because some unpleasant side effects of the migraine meds are making my neck and shoulders feel pretty wrong.  This too shall pass.

We're working on registering Clara for kindergarten which is kind of blowing my mind.  Also, the questions they ask are quite probing and specific.  Does it make me a terrible parent that I can't remember when she was sitting unassisted for the first time?  (rhetorical, of course not) I'm not sure why any of these things are important (unless she were particularly behind schedule) but there it is.  Imagine me scratching my head and then looking at a photo album and trying to guess how old she was when the pictures started having her sitting up.  I would say I'd take better notes next time but it's too late for Zoë.  Maybe if we have a third I'll take better notes. (probably not)

Zoë has, with no great stress or drama, potty trained.  She's still working on some of the finer points of personal hygiene, shall we say, but on the whole, this has been one of the many things that is easier with #2, than #1.  She's also misplaced her mute button and has not. stopped. talking/singing. for. days.  This is adorable until it becomes mind-numbing and then it becomes aggravating and then we sleep and start over in the morning again.  Soon she will be 3 and can start all of the various activities that she wants.  Gymnastics, dance classes, etc.  I'm looking forward to someone else trying to wear her out a couple of times a week.  Her energy level astounds me, and since my energy level astounds most people, you do the math.

Work projects are going well.  I've organized my insane stash for the first time ever, and documented the process for a workshop that we're going to have at the store.  Naomi is an organizer from way way back (have you ever seen her stash?) and we are going to present our two different approaches.  Mine involves lots of the same yarn in the same colors and heavy use of ravelry to help me organize, Naomi's involves lots of different yarns in many many different colors and textures, using them all together in fantastic projects that make me scared -- give me my olive green tweed and some miles of stockinette please!  This is what makes us such great business partners - we are so different in how we approach the same craft and we learn so much from each other.

As a result of my organization I found all of my unfinished projects and I've been working on actually finishing them.  I had 5 unfinished pairs of socks (now 4), three unfinished sweaters (one is already finished, the second was frogged immediately and the third is heavy in my at home knitting rotation.)  I know you want to know what i'm making - let me see if i can find a photo of it... hahahahahaha I'd actually put my partial project on ravelry and forgotten about it that baby in the photos is CLARA.  So that tells you how long I've been working on it.  I am now getting to the end of the body.  Worried I'll be running out of the blue on the sleeves.  Oddly, it fits me with very little ease.  I'm trying to decide if I'll wear it when it's done or just frame it and hang it in my office.  Either way, I will enjoy it being finished.

The webstore is picking up, I'm mailing things out consistently, which is nice.  I've been working on getting our leaflet patterns and even more of the yarns up.  It is just time consuming!  Naomi and I are also working on a new Cowls eBook (Still Crazy After all These Cowls, hahahaha) Leading up to that release we'll be releasing all of the cowls from the original: Crazy for Cowls as individual patterns for sale.  We're just working on getting pictures of all of the new cowls and reformatting the eBook into individual patterns. 

Aaaaaand the Great Rhody Yarn Crawl is coming up in just over a month and we're preparing, and all of our spring yarns are arriving.  It's endless, really.  But today we're at home watching Totoro (et al.) we have a sick Zoë -- just a cold but last night she made herself so upset she threw up.  Stress tummy (inherited from her mom) plus snot plus gag reflex = good times!  But they've brought their entire menagerie downstairs to watch Totoro (including their extensive collection of totoros, of course)  So we probably won't be doing all of the laundry we usually do on Mondays.  Watch me try to let it go... deep breaths, folks, deep breaths.