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Loose Ends

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

On and off the needles

What did I tell you about that look on Clara's face on her birthday?
I took approximately 10 pictures during her party - I was just too busy watching the kids have fun and chatting with our friends.  But that up there is what it was all about.  So. Much. Fun.

And how could I forget that there was also Halloween...the girls were fairy princesses thanks to some wings we found at one of the wonderful children's consignment shops around here and target's insane selection of tutus:

Zoë refused to wear her wings outside because she was afraid she would fly off.  Too cute!

So, amongst all of the crazy activities going on around here, I've also been doing a little knitting, and a little finishing.  Clara's Malabrigo twist sweater finally, finally, got buttons.  They are little gears from our steampunk button collection.  I love the way the copper looks with the ultra-vibrant green.  I also love that it stays on her when she wears it.  If you blow up the second picture you will see what I mean about this stuff pilling like crazy.  But it is so soft and cozy that we love it anyway.  Removing the pills is a small price to pay for how crazy soft this yarn is.

Also, I finished the knitting on that Baby Surprise Jacket.  Now to weave in the ends and put some buttons on.  I think I'll try to do that at class tonight.  By being cocky and not paying enough attention I had to rip this out at least 5 times, back to the beginning twice, and one major rip out as I knit it while watching the election results and, um, wasn't paying enough attention.  Normally a Baby Surprise Jacket is like my easy, quick, and fun knit.  This time, I'm *really* glad it's off my needles.

Zoë helped me figure out the striping at the beginning and she really does have better sense than I do about such things.  The last bit (by the button holes) is a little meh.  The good news is the yarn, Sirdar Speckle is an absolute joy to knit and didn't mind one bit being knit, and re-knit, and re-knit, and then, oh one more time for good measure.

I've picked up my February Lady sweater in cream cashmere again.  I actually didn't rip out the whole thing to fix the buttonhole placement... I just ripped out the buttonhole section.  I figured if it worked I had saved myself a whole lot of time and if it didn't... I was going to rip it out anyway.  I've never ripped back that way to fix buttonholes and I wasn't sure if the tension would work out well.  It turned out it was fine.  You can see the line of stitches I ripped back (it looks like a line of shadow just left of the buttonholes)  Luckily I know these things come out in blocking so I'm not worrying about it.  I just started the bottom edging.  I have to try it on standing up to see if I got the length just right, but I think it's going to be great.  Oh how I love it.

I'm wretched at self portraits, but the hat looks so blah, like an enormous mushroom just laying there on my couch (and believe me those few moments where I took it off my head to put it on the couch and take a photo of it were torture)  we've discussed my hat problem previously.  This one is done and I'm looking for my next.  We just got some new colors of Rios in that are a-MAY-zing and one or three may have to come home with me.  Or, I should be a good little business owner and let you buy those and search my stash.  I know that I found some grey cashmere (sister of the cashmere in my white sweater) and if I have a problem with hats, I have an absolute obsession with gray right now.  hm.  I may have to go spelunking in the stash after breakfast...

And did you really think I was kidding about ripping out my kitchen?  Right before Thanksgiving?  Ha, well, yes.  I wasn't.  Our plan with the kitchen is to do things piece by piece -- disrupting our lives as little as possible.  Part 1 of our plan is to tear up the linoleum floor in the hallway off of the kitchen and see what's under there.  Our guess: the hardwoods that are throughout the rest of the downstairs.  Were we right?  Yes!

There was linoleum, a 1/4 inch plywood subfloor and then the remnants of some 12" linoleum tile that had been glued to the wood floor.  The remnants came up with some elbow grease and water and now we just have to clean up the edges where the glue from the linoleum spread under the subfloor, then spend some time with my belt sander, and then a few coats of poly.  Our thought is that this is probably in the kitchen too, and even though it's a bit of a slog cleaning it all up, free hardwood flooring may loosen up our budget and allow for other things that are on our wishlist.  Next we have to get someone in to tell us with authority that we can remove this wall... (insert evil laugh) I've never taken down a wall before and I'm pretty excited.  I hope that we can slowly make some improvements to that section of the kitchen where the wall is and then when we have most of the kitchen under control to demo the original stuff.  We'll see if it all works out.  This is obviously a long term project!

There is more, there is a project that is in the car right now -- sorry, couldn't get pictures of that because it's chilly outside and I don't want to leave the house.  Also, Clara's closet redo, which turned out so well... but she's still asleep.  I'll see if I can get photos of that today and you'll get to see shortly.  It turned out so well, that now I'm thinking about installing shelving in all of our closets.  Really, it never ends!

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