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Loose Ends

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Monday, October 22, 2012

The enormous orange blanket

Well, I finally got the girls outside on the blanket so you can get an idea of the scale of the thing.  Holy cow -- it's huge:

Seriously, it's the biggest thing I've ever knit.  I once knit a shawl for my Mom-in-law that was 6 feet square, and that was certainly more stitches than this - that was on a #6... but this takes the cake for size.  23 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Super-chunky, a long gone -- and mostly forgotten yarn that I kept because it's soft and machine washable and all the same dye-lot.  I figured one day, I could make an afghan out of it (even though I'm not particularly fond of knitting afghans)  7 years later I went for it!  The pattern is a modification of Naomi's Inside-Out Baby Blanket.  Instead of doing the garter ridges and changing colors, I knit 10 rounds of stockinette, and 10 rounds of moss stitch (aka, double seed stitch or double moss stitch) I worked it so after I increase (kf&b) I started the moss stitch with a K1, and it looks like the moss stitch is seamless from the increases -- I fudged the beginning so I would be sure to have an odd number of stitches in each section.  Naomi thinks I should write up the pattern... and I suppose that I should.  Just not today!

While we were out there in the perfect fall weather I just had to get some cute shots of the girls snuggling.  They were so into the photoshoot!

At this point I got cocky and decided to go for a new photo for our currency at the shop -- Bella Bucks.  Naomi has been gently bugging me to get an updated photo since the one we have is 2 years old.  For this we need to have both of them looking at the camera at the same time... preferably smiling nicely, since it's going to be printed out roughly 2000 times and given to our customers.  I asked them to look at me and smile big...

Okay, but that smile may be too big Zoë, try again, but a little smaller.

Clara, an old pro at smiling for the camera is totally consistent (for now) and Zoë looks at me like, what do you mean -- smile smaller?  Wait, what's that?
Zoë over here, and smile, but not so big... little smile (imagine me, holding up my fingers and pinching, which is my mommy sign language for less - usually I mean quieter)  Clara remembers something funny grandpère does where he makes chicken noises and she's lost from the photoshoot...

And then it devolves to funny things to do with our faces...

Ah well, better luck next time.  Hopefully then they'll be feeling more presidential.


Cambria said...

that afghan makes me want to take all the Vintage Chunky I bought in cherry red, and knit my Quilt & Cable blanket with it. I love giant blankets, but I don't love knitting them so much, lol.

Also, the girls look adorable :)

Ginger said...

first picture is b-e-a-u-tiful!!! you will look back when you aren't so near to them and see...but i agree that pictures are never how beautiful our kids look to us! but they are so beautiful oversmiling and all! OH and love the big orange blanket too and agree you should pull the pattern together before you forget! I fear i will never knit anything that big unless stuck in the hospital for months and months!