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Loose Ends

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's all been a blur

What happens when your babysitter calls in sick one week and then there's a holiday the next?  Apparently, not blogging.  ha ha ha.  It's been crazy over here folks.  Two weeks with less than my usual babysitting and I have nary a minute to spare to tell you all that's been going on.  I've been writing blog posts in my head while watching star trek next generation and drooling in the evenings... which is not so helpful if I'd like to actually share them with you.

So, ahem, hello there.  I'm writing this before the house has woken up because I'm so busy that I've resorted to waking up before the rest of my clan so I can have those illusive peaceful moments I've been hearing about.  Despite feeling like the LOUDEST human in the world, I have to admit, it's pretty nice.  The family, dear readers, has been trucking along pretty well.  Until last week when I thought I had done something truly stupid, which I later found out wasn't as stupid as I thought -- cryptic I know, but honestly, the details are boring, and unnecessary -- the schedule thing was working pretty brilliantly and we had drastically reduced Clara's tantrums. 

Of course, one day of movie watching on the floor while Momma tries to fix (what she thought was) a big oops and we slid back into our old patterns.  It's so easy, really.  So we're back on the wagon again and hoping for the best.  Our nearly 2 weeks of success really does bode well, doesn't it?  As long as I can stick with the program, I think it will work out nicely.  I still haven't torn apart my wardrobe yet... soon.

The good news is when you don't have a lot of childcare, you can still knit massive amounts (apparently) and I've been crazy knitting recently.  I finished the enormous orange blanket, which didn't even get it's ends woven in before it came into heavy use.  I need to photograph it with the kids on top of it to show the scale... it's 7 feet square, and counts as the largest thing I've ever knit.  My stash feels so much lighter with those 23 skeins gone!  I've had them for years and I honestly can't believe they became something.  It's brilliant.

After that it was a parade of hats.  I've made, oh, 4? of them.  5 if you count the one I knit twice, which still didn't work and so I made Naomi take the ball of yarn and do something with it.  I don't want to tell you what yarn it was, because honestly, it's not the yarns fault.  It just *really* doesn't want to be a hat. 

First was the Big Chill Hat and Cowl that I made out of Malabrigo Rasta (oh god that yarn is nice...)  Wow, I just went down the rabbit hole in ravelry trying to find that pattern and it doesn't exist!  I have to make it, but not this morning.  We have it in the shop if you're curious.

Then I knit a couple out of this wacky but awesome book we have called "Need a Hat?"  Basic hats in any gauge.  I haven't photographed them because 2 of them were the ill-fated hat that really doesn't want to be a hat, and another that went into service as a sample in the shop too quickly. 

Then, insert heavy sigh, Wurm.  I apologize for the crappy cell-phone photo, but I knew I would have to give it up so soon!

You can barely see there in that picture the slight twinkle of the strand of silver in the Orielle.  This hat is literally destined to be knit out of alpaca.  It's the best, floppiest, easiest to wear hat in the world and you should all find some sport - to -  light worsted alpaca right now and go print out the pattern and make it and then wear it and realize this is why all the women are wearing this hat.  It's just perfect.  In fact, I'm planning on ripping out the fingerless gloves that I started in Herriot and start another today while Clara's at gymnastics.  It's no big loss, as I've only just started them.  But the idea of this perfect hat in un-dyed, all natural alpaca is just irresistible.

Then, this weekend, I had a bit of start-itis and um, let's just look at the parade, shall we? 

Can you tell from the picture that this is cashmere that's been sitting in my stash for approximately 8 years?  Do I look thinner?  Because, that orange blanket just *did* something to me.  I started looking around at my stash and trying to match it with some projects and this was tops of my list Filatura di Crosa Cashmere 100 - that's 100% baby.  I have had so many ideas about this yarn and then when looking at my wardrobe (it all comes back to that organization, right?) I realized a simple cream cardigan would just be fantastic.  So it is becoming February Lady - a sweater that I have wanted to knit for ages.  It's turning out nicely, but I may rip out to the second buttonhole, which I placed too low.  In fact, yes, I just need to admit it and do it.  sigh.  But it is so soft and classic, I can't wait to wear it.

Then, the aforementioned fingerless gloves that will soon become a hat.  Do they even count?  If you cast on and tear out (in the forest) and no one is there to see it, have you even really knit?  ha ha ha.

 And then, really, I think Naomi was just taking pity on my knitting all. those. hats.  A baby yarn that needs a sample, a Baby Surprise Jacket you say?  Why, yes, I think I can manage that.  Girl knows that I love knitting BSJs, and this time I'm letting Zoë decide what color I knit next.  I'm horrible at striping, so she's been helping.  It's turning out well, the yarn is Baby Speckle from Sirdar and it's a joy to knit with and is making a great, bouncy fabric. 

But it's all about knitting another Wurm and hopefully working on my February Lady sweater.  It's so soft and the weather has definitely turned.  Lastly, in other news, guess who loves it when I get up early to blog?

Oh Bob.  Yes, I'll pet you in a moment.


jackie m said...

i LOVE your shop & am so happy to find your blog...i'm a knitter & consignment shop owner (rock on small business!)...love your writing & i'll be back for more :)

Kim said...

Thank you on both accounts! It totally makes it worth it getting up before the sun!

Cambria said...

I love that Wurm sample to pieces! Wait till you see what I did with it, when you get to work tonight :)