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Loose Ends

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vacation Knitting!

I wasn't kidding when I said I knit an obscene amount on vacation.  I left with several balls of yarn that turned into objects while I was gone.  It's great when Josh doesn't mind driving the whole way and the girls cooperate by playing nicely and napping.  Also, many late nights talking with my brother and sister-in-law are conducive to massive output.  Without further ado, the wingspan in Alpaca Degradé:

check that out!  it's lighter than air!  

It's also perfect for taking off the chill of a crisp fall day.  Love it -- and I'm really not looking forward to its stay at the store.  If there weren't so many other pressing things to knit I would immediately cast on another.  It took 3 skeins and I knit the fingering weight version (90 stitches) on a larger needle so it would be a bit bigger.  It's perfect.

Next up, some quickie cowls.  Crazy Easy Cowl (from our eBook) in Boboli (one skein).  I've only done/seen solid color versions of this and I'm loving it in a multi...

And a Linen-stitch Cowl (also from our eBook) in Malou Degradé (the super-chunky sister to Alpaca Degradé)  It is so stinkin' soft.  Oh, I love it.

When those were finished I was able to spend some time on some personal knitting (sweet!) I made some serious progress on my Tiny Tea Leaves for Clara out of some Malabrigo twist.  We were putting it on sale this spring and I saw this green and then magically it was in my bag on the way home.  I know I have way more than I need so maybe the rest will end up in our sale in the spring... or I may just be forced to horde it.  I love this yarn more than words...

It's so soft and squishy.  I know it pills like crazy, but I simply don't care.  Now I get to knit some sleeves on it so she can wear it for real.  The only modification that I've made to the pattern was to add another buttonhole.  Zoë's version is flawed because I didn't follow the instructions and just used the same size needle for everything (the garter stitch sections are supposed to be knit on a needle 2 sizes smaller) and it is floppy and weird and huge in spots and it definitely needs a 3rd button.  So I decided not to be lazy and use the proper needle size for Clara's version but still add the extra button just in case.  It's just beautiful and I lurve it.

I also banged out a few more stripes in my stripey sweater, but really it's hard to tell.  It's definitely going to be a slow knit.  I think it will end up on hold for a while as having warmer cardigans is becoming important.  I think I have enough cream-colored cashmere in my stash to work up a february lady sweater -- a brainstorm I had this morning and I am having a hard time not tearing apart my stash to find it and then cast on.  Honestly, I think I need to get some sleeves on Clara's sweater and work on that enormous orange afghan.  Priorities!


Cambria said...

I picked up a cream colored skein when it was on sale too, and I'm also in love with it. I used it in a hat, and I wish I'd got more, lol.

Kim said...

Ha ha, I took all of the rest of it when the sale was over... no cream though!