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Loose Ends

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Operation Hate Bedroom Less

The other thing on the agenda last weekend was the next phase in Operation Hate Master Bedroom Less.  I may have mentioned in the past how much I loved our old house (even though it had it's own issues that we have happily solved moving here) and how sad we all were to leave.  It has been particularly hard moving into this bedroom.  It was actually hard looking through photos of the old house to find pictures of our old bedroom.  I can't say that there is one thing about this room that bugs me, there are many (hence the whole operation to hate it less), but it has not felt even remotely right since moving in.  So much that I have said I would rather sleep anywhere but this room and we've thought about moving to the bonus room upstairs.  But we need to make this room work for now, mostly because we're not sure what we'd do with this room otherwise and if we do decide to have more kids, then being on the same floor as, say the nursery would lead to fewer middle of the night broken legs going down stairs. ;)

We've worked hard on hating our bedroom less.  We have removed the INSANE ceiling fan that made us nervous every time we went into the room.  That was a messy and heavy job.  Now we have a beautiful, sleek and more modern looking ceiling fan.  It's also not hanging 2 feet down from the ceiling so we are no longer in danger of injuring ourselves with it.  We have removed the smelly and sticky wall to wall carpet. (shudder, that was so terrible.  But that is a whole other post as there has been lots of carpet removal in the past few weeks.)  We removed the horrible metal blinds and replaced them with cell shades.  Our next job was to paint the walls so it was no longer green.  It's not like I have a thing with green, it's a perfectly fine color.  But this was a sad, limp, little blue-green.  It really made waking up in that room just depressing.  So we decided to get a few color testers and try to nail down what color we wanted.  I was thinking something blue-y but also grey-ish.  We picked two we liked the best, slapped it up in a couple of different spots.  I thought there was a clear winner - Josh worried that I would think it too dark (my chief complaint about the room is how. dark. it. is.) but we both liked it and thought screw it, we'll take the chance.  It was only after painting an entire wall that I realized we had painted it almost the same color as our last bedroom.  For the record: old bedroom

and new bedroom (check out my unmade bed, fuzzy bear (evidence of children sleeping in bed again), and stack of magazines and books and paint chips on my nightstand -- just keeping it real here folks)

snark.  We didn't really pick the color last time, which is a funny story.  I was pregnant with Zoë and I had spent the last, oh, 8 years hating the color I had painted our bedroom when we moved in.  It was white, with a greenish tint, and I couldn't stand it.  When we decided to have a homebirth I knew I would never be able to give birth in the room with that terrible color.  Oh, the weird things we get obsessed about when pregnant.  I can guarantee that as I squeezed Zoë out of my body I wasn't thinking about how happy I was I had painted the room.  But, of course, at the time, I HAD to paint  the room, while pregnant.  So I couldn't just go and get stinky paint, I had to get the only No VOC paint on the market at the time -- Freshaire (yes it even had a pretentious extra e at the end like we were making the air so fresh it needed another letter for emphasis).  We picked the only color we liked, this blue, that was called something inspiring like, "endless rain" and I painted.  We liked it much better than the white that we painted over but still thought it was a little BLUE, if you know what I mean.  I'm really happy with the more gray version that we picked for current bedroom.  Which was also a very light green, that I hated.  I'm usually not so consistent.

I keep looking at it lovingly, this new color.  I love the contrast of our headboard next to it.  I look over and it's so much more familiar to have Josh's nightstand objects with the blue background that I can relax more.  When I wake up in the middle of the night, the walls look right again.  It is shocking to me what a difference it has made but I feel much more at home in my bedroom now.  Phew.  I have to say I have been hoping with each change to get that exhalation where it feels right and I didn't get any of it until this change.  The others made a difference, but I would say, yes, it's better but there is still something distinctly *not* right. 

Thankfully, Operation Hate Master Bedroom Less is proving successful - next we just have to put the doors back on the wardrobes and re-finish the floors, and change out the doors, and oh well, let's just leave it there, shall we?  Sometimes it's best not to dwell on how much there is yet to do!

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