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Loose Ends

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I have to say there is something freeing about just packing all my works in progress into boxes and putting them on a truck, driving them to our new house and then just leaving them packed.  Ha ha.  I had a few things in my knitting bag for working on during the move, but I haven't really started up on anything that was on the needles.  I knit a little pressie for our real estate agent's dog -- really, when you work for/with me you get weird presents.  What can I say, the idea of our agent's Shitsu hanging out with this guy... it just cracks me up.

Have we gotten it to him yet?  No, somehow these things get difficult once the relationship is over.  We'll do it, soon, eventually, something.  Of course it wasn't finished when we sold our house, it took a little extra time and I felt so guilty about not finishing it on time that I refused to knit anything until it was done. 

Anyway, it has been kind of nice to pack up all the projects that I've started and not finished so I don't have the visual guilt lurking in the corner of the living room.  I do have to get on it, there are things that need to be finished.  I'm not insane, promising to finish everything that I've started, but I do need to unpack and re-evaluate.  Some projects are samples for the store that we don't need (like my Citron in Findley Dappled.  3 or 4 repeats in we finally get our sample from the manufacturer in the exact. same. color.  sigh.  best to frog that or decide who gets it as a present.) Some are things that maybe never should have been and we can just wind the yarn back up and put it back in the stash (or save it for the next sale's dollar bin) and some are things that I actually want to finish and I should get on it already.

My new house has a cedar closet right outside of my office (I know, it's like it was made for me -- except for the kitchen) and I've just been tossing things in there that look like projects.  (Does that count as unpacking?  just for me?)  I just looked and it's mostly clothes and stash - the only thing on needles in there is my modified inside out blanket in a long discontinued yarn that I had, um, 23 skeins of in my stash.  Right now I think I've used like 5 and it's already 4 ft square.  It should fit lots of Conterios under it when it's finished.  These things never photograph well on the needles so I've tried to show just one quadrant of it two feet long from center to edge, impressive...not.
It's really more of a burnt orange color than what you see here.  It will go great with the stripey pillows that I made back when we put our house on the market.  I have to say, oddly, that those Kochoran pillows have been the best ones.  The blue one and the ruffled one all look pretty shabby just a couple months later (it isn't easy when the ruffled one became one of our cat's special friends) but the stripey ones look like they just came off the needles and the angora doesn't shed as I expected.  A lovely surprise.  They have a little stripe of this orange in them, so the blanket will be excellent when it's finished.  Which will have to wait at least until this humidity goes away.

I had to put off a lot of the packed knitting (oh, had to is such a stretch) because we needed (what we thought would be) a quick sample for the store.  We've had a bunch of customers come into the shop with this little number and as we often do, we decided to knit it up in a (couple of) under-performing yarns.  I thought, oh you know, I do this for a living, I'll bang it out in a week.  4 weeks of slogging later I finally cast-off and sewed that bad boy up Sunday night.  It didn't help that I was knitting cotton (not my bestest friend), and that I skimmed the pattern (it looked so easy!) and screwed it up completely having to rip out a 3rd of it to add more inches to the middle section.  sigh.  But it's finished and in the shop, I made Naomi weave in the ends because I was so tired of staring at it.  I would show you a picture but I'm so tired of looking at it that I can't bear it.  You'll have to go to the shop, it's red.  You'll know it when you see it :)

As a reward for finishing all of that ribbing I cast on this pretty little jacket from the new Noro magazine.  I'm following the advice of one of the folks who knit it online and using one color of taiyo sock and just making sure the contrast stripes are contrasting.  I'm loving it:

This is one of those projects where I can tell it's going to go quickly.  With the stripes and the short rows it's all so interesting that I can't wait to get to the next step.  It doesn't hurt that I'm loving the colors and I can't wait to wear it (when it gets to be sweater weather) So somehow, I imagine that it will take less time to knit this on sock yarn with #4 needles (and sleeves) than it did to make that vest on larger needles.  less ribbing, less monotonous.  Also garter stitch is so fast. zoom zoom.

I really should show you my pile of boxes of yarn and unfinished objects in the garage (flooding in the basement means no yarn storage down there anymore... thank god it was all in plastic)  It's truly insane.  But there is so much unpacking to do that sometimes it's best to just pretend it's not there and start fresh for a while.  I'll get back to all of the things in boxes soon.  I have some yarn in there for sweaters for the girls for winter and so so many more things.  I'll share when I have the courage to dig them up.  In the meanwhile it's just so nice to have the time and energy in the evenings (when I'm not researching kitchen remodeling) to knit again. 

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Cambria said...

Naomi made me weave in the ends, lol. It's all pretty now, and living on the mannequin with arms :)