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Loose Ends

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The more things Change...

the more they keep changing, actually.

But as much as things change, really, me neglecting the blog seems to be a theme.  Sorry about that.  We got a little busy as we suddenly had an offer on the house, then had to find a house to buy, and then had to MOVE, which was a haze of pain and paperwork. 

I'd love to give you a play-by-play of how it all went down, but that would take a long long time.  The short story is we moved from our beloved house to a different house that we are slowly making our home.  Some highlights: 

This house is in Warren, the town that we most wanted to move to.  I'm close enough to walk to work, which is really wonderful.  We're on a busy street, which is less awesome, but something I'm used to from my childhood home.  We're working on soundproofing some parts of the house where we notice the noise most and also just adjusting to the new noise level.  Let me tell you when the _way more enormous than I'm used to_ street cleaners went by in the middle of the night I honestly thought we were about to get abducted by aliens, it was straight out of the X Files, with flashing lights, vibrating house... that was... special.  It was much less traumatic last night, thank god.

This house is substantially larger which is taking some getting used to.  The girls don't have to share a room anymore, which was high on our list for our next house.  I have to say, it makes bedtime a lot easier to manage.  The cats are happier because there is lots of space to hide from eachother and us.  We have only lost the children a few times and it's mostly because Clara likes to play camping in her closet.  We have a magical third floor that is one big open room that we have dreams about converting into a master bedroom suite -- do all parents dream of having their own bathroom?  heck I would settle for being able to just close the door without someone freaking out.  one day, one day.  But right now it's mostly storage and really terrible guest accommodations. (we need to work on that as we have a grandparent visiting in a couple of days)

Our yard is 3 times the size of our old yard and flat, with easy access from the house... no more going through the basement to get to the backyard!  This was another priority for our new house.  We are not the best landscapers to begin with, so having this much more space will certainly be a bit of a challenge.  We're already thinking about upgrading our lawnmower so it doesn't take poor Josh two weekends to mow the yard... yikes.  The girls love having all of the space to run around like the crazy children they are.  We also have way more wildlife, which shocks me because it's not _that_ much more rural.  We have cicadas, which are awesome for our beetle loving Clara, and a bunny which thrills us all and means next summer we'll need a bit of fencing for our vegetable garden.  We have lots of birds, some nesting in our gutters... and we're an easy walk to the bike path and the audobon society so there is a lot more nature experience possible here.

The house hasn't been updated in quite some time, most visibly since the 80s.  So there is a lot of decor that needs to be removed and updated... oh the puffy crazy print window "treatments" -- more like window punishments, if you ask me.  And the ceiling fan that was so large in the master bedroom that we felt worried it was going to maim us whenever it was on, and the kitchen with it's interesting smells and 1950s cabinetry.  It has so many amazing features, this crazy huge new house, and so much of it is buried under neglect and poor taste.  So we're tackling the projects that are causing the most damage or distress first and letting the rest slide until that time where we have the energy and money to address it.  It is going to be a long process, but we're planning on being here for a long time, so that works for us.  Besides, what would I do without a project (or 50)?

Now that we've actually re-located, there is energy to think about things that I've been neglecting, the online store and the blog are two that come to mind.  I'm also working on spending more playtime with the girls, as the school year approaches I am very aware that I only have one more year with Clara at home, so I want to soak up as much of her as I can before that next step towards independence.  Of course, I say that while she plays happily with the babysitter, yesterday when she was screaming and doing terrible things to her sister I was dreaming about Kindergarten!

It's funny, I've dug up a few pictures of the house before we bought it and it's so weird to see the previous owners furniture in these rooms.  I'm already more attached to it than I thought! But check out the terrible curtains:
And the even scarier ceiling fan... I wish you could tell the scale of the thing, it hung down from the ceiling 2 feet. 
And the crazy paint (and the sad state of the hardwood floors, but that's another post altogether...) in Zoë's room:
But there is also so much good!  Making Smores in the little fire pit in the side yard:

So much room to run around:
And custom made swings that you DON'T HAVE TO SHARE WITH ANYONE (some days it feels like I'm the only one with toddlers...)
More, and sooner next time, I promise.  We have lots of projects that we've already finished -- I installed my first toilet!  Also many things that are on the needles -- some that I wish would just get off of my needles already, but one stitch at a time.  Now that I'm back in the loving embrace of regularly scheduled babysitters I have a bit more time to tell you what's going on.  Also, cleaning for showings was a full time job, so not having to do that is AWESOME.  I'm using that time to stare at my navel, though, not for blogging ;)

Talk to you soon!


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