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Loose Ends

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Public service announcement -- and a clarification

Hello there, dear readers,

So, I knew this was going to happen eventually.  You see, this is, um, my blog -- not Naomi's blog, in fact it's not the store's blog, in fact, (shhhh) I don't think Naomi reads it, she's a pretty busy woman.  So if you have questions about something you read here, you should direct them to me, not Naomi.  It helps avoid confusion.  We get this all the time in the store.... we have different responsibilities and we're constantly sending people to the other person.  But what I'd like you to do right now is remember that only one person writes here... me.  And really, this blog is a way for you to get to know me.  I thought it would be about the store (I started it before I had kids!), hence the url- unfortunately I can't really change that right now (it's on my ever insane to do list).  But you should know, it's really about me and my life, and part of that is the store, but the store is only part of my life.

Now about that thing that I said, that had to go away... the store is FINE, thank you for asking-- but it could always be better.  I have always planned for the store to eventually provide me an income that is more like the one I made before I decided to put my life goals in front of my financial goals and start a small business.  I feel comfortable saying that we're not there... yet.  While I know it may feel like we've been around forever, we're not even 10 years old and we have a lot of growing left to do.   Approaching our 10 year anniversary (next August!) I have specific goals and growth is on my brain.  I'm sure you will hear more about it as I get this house on the market and life gives me the energy to shine my lighthouse-bright focus on it.  In the meanwhile, don't get nervous that we're going to close up shop... not even close folks.  Growth means we're in it for the long haul.  Goals are a way of making what you have into what you want and we have lots of goals, we're full of ideas.  In fact we're so full of ideas that if you ask us about them you should plan to spend the day.  They are vast and detailed and, if I may say so humbly, really really good.  We love the store.  We love our customers.  We love what we do.  We're not going anywhere. (except up, baby!)  I'm so in it for the long haul that I'm moving my family closer to the store.  So, let's be perfectly clear, your yarn source is safe and well loved.  okay?  (btw, spring yarn, oh my god.  love!  we have a new laceweight that is begging me to knit it right now and all I'm doing is home decorating.... soon, my love, soon)

So let's just remember that this blog is a representation of me and occasionally I share too much and make people uncomfortable.  I'm sure this isn't the last redaction that you'll see here.  You see this has been happening my whole life, there are just bits involved now.  So in the future, if you need clarification on something that I've said here, there, or anywhere else drop me a line.  Don't feel like commenting because it's too public?  You mean everyone doesn't over share on the internet?  Really?  Just look under the "about me" thingy on the right.  Seriously -- look up there, near the top.  Do you see where it says "Talk to me!"?  I mean it.  Email me.  I love to talk.  I thought that, at least, was pretty obvious.

So now that that's over with, what did you do this weekend?  Me?  I'm so glad you asked!  We're still in the middle of house staging hell.  I'm appeasing myself by knitting pillow covers.  Yes, you read that correctly, pillow covers.  I'm knocking off a few pillows I've been seeing everywhere in stores.  First a ruffly pillow, out of Ondas:

Then a chunky stockinette pillow out of Paloma:
Then I made Naomi help me figure out something for our living room.  She is so much better at this than I am, check out her color pick in Kochoran.  Loving it with my couch! (she's so brilliant!)
I'm doing my best to make the house look like it's ready for the Pottery Barn catalog shoot.  I actually felt like apologizing to someone I didn't know when they came in, "I'm so sorry, we're usually not this clean."  Eventually it will all be over and I'll be in my adorable new house within walking distance to the store and we can return to living like normal, happy, slobs.  That day can't come soon enough, folks! 


Cambria said...

This just makes me want to knit pillow covers too! And a new afghan for the couch :)

Liz M said...

I totally want to see a photo tour of your house looking like a catalog :) Our house is almost always very very tidy (shh, I live with someone more particular than me), but it does NOT look like a catalog for anything. We still haven't gotten any of the furniture repaired from after the bunnies and Weeble chewed it up. Hmmm I'll be adding "find wood repair shop" to my things to do list now.