Loose Ends

Loose Ends

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

unexpected delights

Well, dear readers, it has happened again.  My marvelously insane little life has thrown some unexpected things my way.  Last week at this time I was marveling at this kitty who needed a home who reminded me so much of my dear cat Selki, this week, well, see for yourself:

His previous family sounds like decent enough people, just not cat people.  We are cat people and as you can see from his forehead, his circumstances were fairly dire.  It's complicated rescuing any animal and I am working on managing all the details, getting him well, neutered, and settled.  But he's just such a dear and I hope that if we can't find room in our home for him permanently then we'll be able to find a place for him once he's fully recovered.

Also, I may have stepped into a mitten obsession- I have been putting them off trying to finish things that are already on the needles, but I took a little detour this weekend for Josh.  Since I still can't find the zipper for his sweater (where did it go?) I needed for him to have something!
Were you expecting snowflakes?  not Cthulhu?  When I saw this pattern I just knew Josh would love them and when I found the vile looking lime green/yellow I managed to resist casting on for about 24 hours.  They worked up quickly and delightfully in Sheep -,a yarn I actually cried when it was discontinued.  Luckily I have enough in my basement to keep me well supplied for approximately the rest of my life.  He tells me they fit better than any mitten ever has, which may just be sweet talk, but I'll take it.

There will be more as we settle with our new kitty and work out the logistics of his rescue... I've been knitting like a mad woman (and painting, and cooking, and and and) and I have so much to share!  Isn't he adorable?

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Cambria said...

My mother rescued about four cats, and three dogs over the years that I lived with her. We even had two pregnant momma cats walk right into our apartment and have their babies shortly after making themselves at home, lol. I'm sure you'll find a home for your buddy, and it'll probably be yours ;)