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Loose Ends

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Things that are difficult to quantify -- and nearly impossible to photograph

It's been an interesting 10 days here in my little world.  First, Bob is a continued joy and a continued strain on the budget.  He had a heartworm scare -- which if you know anything about heartworm in kitties is terrifying.  If you have kitties, do your family a favor and read up on it.  It's not pretty and really dangerous for indoor and outdoor kitties and the kicker- it's preventable, but not curable.  Ouch.  While he doesn't have heartworm he does have some damage to the right side of his heart.  As Naomi (aka kitty godmother) tells me this somehow better than having damage to the left side.  So, yay?  Our intrepid vet will talk to the kitty cardiologist and see what his prognosis is now that we know he doesn't have heartworm.  It is possible it's just something we'll keep an eye on, he may need medication now or eventually to help slow the progress of heart disease, we don't know yet.  We're happy to have him in our lives as long as that may be.  He is on schedule to get neutered in a few short days which I'm hoping will make him a little more palatable to the other kitties and get rid of some of his less desirable behaviors.  We can hope.  In the meantime he's warm and snuggly and full of purrs.

I've made this crazy plan to try to move with as few unfinished projects as possible, which means clearing out some old, old, old, things that are on my needles.  Instead of committing to finishing them all, I'm also giving myself permission to take things off the needles and wind up the yarn and re-stash or give it away (ie. sell it during our summer sale) Because of this you may be seeing a few things here that you've never seen before, or things that you've seen in progress at the shop many many moons ago.

Anyone remember that ring of Kureyon squares?  Back in the day, before Naomi had the brilliant idea to rewind the Kureyon so we could see what the heck-o was in those center pull balls, we had a giant ring of knit squares, one for each color of Kureyon that we sold.  That was 30 colors, dear readers, actually 32, and I personally knit a square of each one in the awesome pattern Lizard Ridge.  Once we changed the method of displaying Kureyon the squares were obsolete and just sitting around... for 2 years.  I started knitting them almost 3 years ago and now, they actually resemble a blanket!
You may look at the original pattern and note it takes 20 skeins, assorted, one skein per square.  Ha, um, I had 32.  So I sewed 30 of them together and used the un-knit skeins from the other 2 squares, and a little bit I had left over to crochet the border.  Can you believe it took 2.5 skeins to sew that bad boy together and crochet the border?  Wow does crochet take a ton of yarn.  Anywho.  It is the largest blanket ever, Josh and I comfortably fit under it and it's warm and wooly, which is just how I like things.  I'm also super happy to have the closet space, and bonus, I found a Chibi just sitting in the blanket... The return of lost things is going to be a theme here.

I also spent the last week painting our den.  Some people have been calling these "caves" recently and ours certainly qualified.  It was amazing-- the same light no matter the time of day or the weather because we have black velvet curtains to block out all light and dark blue walls, it was like a timewarp.  This is super convenient when you are up at all hours with a newborn, 12 noon?  12 midnight?  It doesn't matter! 

It was also crammed full with furniture, a giant Ikea bookshelf to house all of my knitting books and tools and in-progress knitting, a giant black chest that I made (I think it was the 2nd piece of furniture I ever made all by myself) to hold everything we need to stay warm in our chilly little house and our home theater/entertainment equipment.  It was definitely high on the realtor and stager's list of rooms we needed to work on and definitely low on our list of rooms we wanted to change.  So, after finishing almost every other project on our to do list, this one had to be next.  It was traumatic at first to have such a drastic change, but I have to admit it's growing on me.  It's also much easier to see this as the 3rd bedroom in our house now that it is painted in a nice ice blue.

This really has been the hardest room to re-do.  The process of preparing our house for sale is really a long goodbye to this place.  We've lived here for 10 years, and celebrated all but our first wedding anniversary here.  It has been the theater for our lives for so much of our married life that it almost feels like a member of our family.  So I'm working (hard) at finding the positives.  It is a lovely color and in the process of tearing apart the room I have found 2 things that I've been looking for for years.  The first, many of you will understand, was my #6 addi click tip.  I honestly thought I had lost it in the store and it was going to be gone forever.  Imagine my surprise when I was sweeping under the heater that was previously behind the giant chest and there it was!  I put it to good use almost immediately knitting that pillow cover you see on the futon.

The second is an earring.  I love earrings and I always lose them and so some of my favorites I don't wear because I'm terrified to lose them.  I have so many single earrings that I often wear mismatched pairs because I can't give them up.  This pair matches a ring that Josh gave me a few years ago and I was so sad that I lost one of them that I really couldn't admit it to myself for at least a year.  I'm strange like that.  So when I went to pick up an envelope off of the floor and saw it sitting there as if nothing happened I almost cried big, fat, happy tears.

 They are now, happily, in my ears reminding me not to give up hope on things that I have lost, because you just never know what will come running back to you when you least expect it.

I am hoping that we will continue to find lost gems as we clean and purge the house.  As much as I miss my old cluttered house, there are parts to this cleaner, more streamlined house that are really quite nice.  I hope I can find a better balance between the two at our next home.  In the meanwhile I'll keep plugging away at the to do list and forming my vision for the next few years.  There are so many big changes coming that it is daunting at times to face them head-on.  Especially when so many of them are impossible to plan to the last detail (which is usually how I roll)  I have to have faith that things will work out, that the people I trust as experts know what they are talking about, and that the opportunities we need to move forward on so many paths are just waiting for me to take the next step.

In the meanwhile, I'll just be happy that the painting is almost finished.


Cambria said...

I'd somehow forgotten about the Koigu ring, lol. It's great to see that it's become something useable :)

Liz M said...

I am one of the few grad students I know who owns a house. And so the others don't understand when I say that I can't just up and sell it like "that" to move if I wanted to while writing my dissertation, or as soon as I know about a potential job. It may have been a poor decision to buy a house in grad school, but we were fed up with renting after Chicago. I can't help but think that if we'd rented though, maybe Jim could come with me to Japan this year (June). I don't know. It's all hard when -I- need to move around constantly but we want so badly to be settled.