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Loose Ends

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Monday, January 2, 2012

new inspirations

I've been (periodically) hard at work creating an ecommerce site for Bella.  Which sounds terrible, doesn't it?  Most of you know I'm totally into knitting and the kids, but fewer know that I was a big geek in college- math and computer science.  So while web design isn't something I may have done, ever, it has been fun dusting off all of that programming I did in college.  It's shocking how much I actually remember, and how really well that education has served me.  Given my terrible memory, I'm surprised at how easily some things have come back. 

But, you know, we have a *lot* of things for sale at the shop.  About 10,000 items.  That, my friends, is a lot of pictures, a lot of text, a lot of data entry and tweaking.  And really, I'm just one person, and while Naomi is helping a lot with the copy for the items, but the rest is squarely on my shoulders. 

To say that the tedium of taking thousands of pictures of yarn was getting to me is a bit of an understatement.  I love yarn, and I love my camera- but shooting and re-shooting all of the yarn will test even the most profound love of yarn.  It has also been an enormous challenge just to find time during bright daylight to take all of these pictures now that the sun sets at like 10am.  Me making a crack about not having light really tells you something- the dark is the thing I love about winter!  I have been really frustrated and stalled on the site because of this.  That is, until, my father in law gave me a new lens for my camera for christmas.  Have you ever seen Cascade 220 superwash look this amazing?  This was on a cloudy afternoon!

If I were crazy (crazier, actually) I'd be tempted to re-shoot the entire store.  Of course I had just decided to put off true insane work on the site until we have our house on the market.  Trying to paint every room in our house, do some carpentry, and re-tile our kitchen floor and trying to spend a couple of hours a day making these items beautiful for the shop is too much for me right now.  I try to tell myself that the world has waited this long for the most amazing yarn shop online, it can wait a few more months.  Besides, I'm supposed to be the shipping department for this operation and if my grand plan goes well, I'll be able to walk to the shop to pack all of those boxes.  In the meantime I'll just be taking more and more pictures and drooling at the lovely things we have. 

I have a few knitting posts in the pipeline for you- my holiday knitting is almost finished (Josh, the patient man that he is, doesn't mind that his sweater wasn't ready for christmas, hannukah, or new years) and I'll be parading those this week.  Lots to look forward to in the new year.  Again, if all of my grand plans come to fruition it should be a very exciting and eventful year. I can't wait to share it with you here!  Happy New Year!

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Cambria said...

the lens is fantastic! that is EXACTLY what the ball looks like in person :)