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Loose Ends

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Knitting

It's funny how to do lists have a way of making me feel calmer and more panicked at the same time.  It's as if I say, "That's it?" in one breath and then in the other realize exactly how much is there.  During vacation I took the time (in the glow of the grandparents loving on the babes) to make a monster to do list.  I hoped that I would be able to get everything out of my brain and then make a nice plan.  You know, plan the work and work the plan.  When I was finished I took one look and decided (as I told you last time) that I was going to put off this website nonsense until after the house was on the market.  I made a spreadsheet of all of our time and all of our projects and I tried to make sense of what we needed to do, when we should do it, and to come up with a reasonable timeframe for when we would be ready to put that little sign outside.

I figured somehow, someway, we would be kind of ready come the middle of February.  And with any luck there will be a little snow, enough to hide our somewhat amateur landscaping, but not so much to keep people away from the open house.  And there will be no other houses on the market so our little gem will be super sparkly and sell in, like, 3 hours.  (a girl can dream, right?)

Of course I put all of the house things on the list, and promptly forgot about those little things like laundry and dishes, so when I woke up this morning to laundry all of over the place I panicked.  How are we to sell the house if we need it to look like a Pottery Barn shoot 24/7 and we can't even manage to put dirty laundry in the basket?  Queue panic attack.  You know it's a great morning when you hear your 4 year old ask, "Daddy, what does 'overwhelmed' mean?"  Awesome.

If you are a normal person you take a deep breath and start folding laundry and putting it away.  If you're me you think (as you have panic attack #2 in the downstairs half bath) that it would be really nice if just one of the rooms in your house looked amazing, just like the real estate stager wants it to look.  You look around for the room that is the closest and coincidentally it's the room you're in- oddly it's also the smallest room of the house.  So instead of working on Mount Washmore (laundry) I decided it was the perfect time to install the new faucet in the pedestal sink.  Thus removing the box with the new faucet that I've been kicking for a couple of months. 

It really only should have taken me an hour but the wonderful human who owned our house before us was not the best plumber and tightened the plug on the bottom of the sink way way too tight and I had to dismantle the entire sink to remove it.  The sink has a very very narrow pedestal.  It was impossible to remove the plug any other way, argh.  This required more tools and a trip to the Home Depot.  The weather is trying to convince me that it's really really winter (this time we mean it!) and it's super cold today and we had to get all bundled up.  So in my mixed-up world, I justify throwing away the to do list (temporarily) because it presented the perfect photo shoot for holiday knitting project #2 knit in the 48 hours before christmas.  Tiny Tea Leaves for Zoë. Details on ravelry

Aren't you glad I'm a little nuts?  These photos were taken moments before we all piled into the car to buy tools.  And really, how perfectly does her outfit match that sweater?  Total accident!  And the adorable christmas book she's reading (upside down)?  I had nothing to do with it!  It almost appears that I planned the whole thing.  Sometimes flying by the seat of your pants works.  Of course, that implies you actually have clean pants.  I should get on that.


Liz M said...

You just reminded me that I left my laundry in the dryer last night and forgot about it. It's in the garage. I hope it was dry... yeaaahhhh.

I love your house. If Brown would hire me (before I even finish my degree) I'd buy your house and then you wouldn't have to go through all this crap :) It's plenty big enough for just me and the Jim!

Cambria said...

i have the big-girl version in my Rav que ;)