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Loose Ends

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Saturday mornings with Daddy

One of the great things about Clara getting a little older is how much more we can do with her.  I love how *so* much more engaged she is in her play and her conversations with us.  It is so fun to share with her the toys and activities that we loved so much when we were little.  My sweetie, Josh, is a bit of a geek (to say the least) and it's pretty par for the course that he was into legos when he was a kid.  Yes, he even has the original manuals for his sets, if he has the boxes, then he's wisely hiding them from me!

For Clara's 4th birthday one of our dear friends got her a Hello Kitty lego house that she's been totally obsessed.  Until then she had difficulties with the small standard legos, but I guess 4 is the magic age for such things.  Recently Josh hauled out the giant box of his legos and they had the most adorable play session ever.  As you can see, mixing Hello Kitty dream mansion and hoards of medieval solders is a total win.  Also, lego interchangeability rocks.  Case in point:

 Hello Kitty and Mimmy defend their mansion
 Josh's army approaches
Clara's army- how awesome!

This has become a saturday morning tradition- Zoë has her nap and Daddy and Clara have been working on a castle- it's impressive.  I love sitting and knitting and watching them work on their project.  They are both so focused and engaged.  We are definitely loving 4 around here!


Laurie said...

Love it! :)

Alison said...

When I was little I was also obsessed with my brother's legos & thus it is no surprise that we have become a lego family....maybe that is why Josh & I has so much fun playing when we were very young::Hi Josh, so glad you are enjoying your two adorable little girls! Alison