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Loose Ends

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Monday, December 12, 2011

The little box that saves my bottom

Or at least the box that saves the bottom of my socks, and the cuffs of my sweaters and anywhere else the little stupid moths in my house like to nibble.  A couple of years ago I decided that I didn't really want to keep all of the leftovers of my knitting projects.  But you know, accidents happen, and if you really love a pair of socks, eventually they will need repairs.  So I got a little file box and started saving just little butterflies of yarn from my knitted projects.  It really cuts down on how much I have to store and really, you don't need a whole lot of yarn to fix most problems.
So on Saturday morning when I put on my favorite socks and noticed a hole on the ball of my foot I could just hop down stairs, pop open the magic box and find just what I needed.
A few duplicate stitches to cover the hole on that sock and a few on its mate in the same spot (when one goes often the next isn't far behind) and I could wear them happily knowing that they have many many more days of life left. 

Eventually I may need a larger box, as things are pretty jammed in there as it is.  But I have been so happy with my system.  The larger leftover balls of yarn go to my Mom in law who knits amazing creations using millions of scraps of yarn.  I'll post some pictures of her work soon- it's amazing!

How do you keep track of your old projects and leftovers? 


Cambria said...

I have an old tin that used to hold butter cookies, and inside are little scraps of my sock yarn. I need a system for my sweater yarn though. That was a painful lesson learned this year, lol.

Ginger said...

i like this...i have mine in a pencil case that also holds all my misc. knitting supplies (scissors, stitch holders, buttons, point protectors, etc...), but it's been getting crowded in there lately!