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Loose Ends

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Friday, March 25, 2011

What is soft?

a : pleasing or agreeable to the senses : bringing ease, comfort, or quiet
 f : smooth or delicate in texture, grain, or fiber
It seems like such an odd question - What is soft?  We all know when we feel something that is soft...  But we all have such different ideas of what soft means.  Naomi and I are always in conflict on this point becuase our definitions of soft are so very different.  We rarely have yarn-gasms over the same yarns.  For Naomi, soft usually means a more slippery, slick kind of smooth.  For me, soft is not slippery, it's more squishy.  If I feel a ball of yarn and it's hard when I squeeze it, it's not soft.  I need some squish like a pillow.  I generally like woolens - a nice merino, especially a tweed.  Soft for me has a lot to do with the fiber preparation - which is why a tweed appeals, it has that lofty squish that I just can't get enough of.

Naomi loves the rayons, the slick, cool feel of a bamboo with all the drape and swing that they imply.  I know this, I'm familiar with that.  So when I passed this sock to my sweetie and said, "Isn't this soft?" and he looked at me all funny and said it wasn't soft at all - I was confused!  I passed him the sweater I am working on out of a bamboo rayon and said, "What about this?"  That was soft to him.  Apparently I'm in the minority of my (albeit small) sample group. So I ask you - What is soft?

For me: our newest sock yarn - so new we only have one (disgustingly, shockingly, beautiful) color of it. Taiyo Sock from Noro.  In the Wavy Lace Sock from Favorite Socks

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Cambria said...

Shut...Up! How did I not see this?! There goes my pay check, lol.