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Monday, March 21, 2011

A wee little tutorial: Grafting Garter Stitch

So my ingenious little sweater that I told you about a few days ago, My Better Side (to side) is pretty much mundane knitting except for two little things, my nifty casting on under the armhole (tutorial soon) and the very end where you graft the two pieces together.  Now, if you are a lucky knitter and get to finish the sweater in a stockinette section, then wheeee!  It's just like finishing the toe of an enormous sock, we can all graft that.  Well, most of us, at least, but it's pretty straightforward and the instructions you find online or in books for grafting are all for stockinette with the right sides (knit sides) facing you.

But what if you are me, and you end your sweater in the garter section?  And you don't just want to do a three needle bind off, because then you have a horrid little seam and it doesn't look like the sweater sprang, fully formed, from your forehead?  Then you have to graft your garter stitch section, and well... It honestly took me a while and a few tries to figure it out, so I thought I would make up a little tutorial to show you the general idea. 

Here we go:  You, dear readers, have two pieces of "sweater" in garter stitch.  The key is that you need to finish one with a wrong side row, and one with a right side row.  If this were a plain garter stitch object, it wouldn't matter, because garter is reversible.  This sweater has stockinette sections in between the garter sections so it does matter.  For those of you knitting the sweater, please remember one side having finished wrong side, other side having finished right side.  Place your two pieces facing eachother (this is how I like to think of it) with the tails of the working yarns on the same side:

Now make sure that the wrong side is looking up at you on the back piece, and the right side is looking up at you for the front piece.  This way when you pick them up to do the grafting, the wrong sides will be together.  In this orientation, both pieces have the purl bumps facing you:

Now, grab your darning needle of choice and meet me at the tips of your needles.  Both pieces are in your left hand and your threaded darning needle is in your right hand- I like to use the yarn attached to the front piece: (oh my god, is that a video?  It is!)

So there you have it, grafting with garter stitch in glorious HD!  I hope this helps, it's a darn cute sweater and the little finishing touches make it!

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Gebreidesjaals: Knitted Scarfs or Scarves said...

thank you for sharing this. A question: did you put the 2 good sides to each other or the backsides of the knittingwork?? I knit lace and I have a good and a back side. I think it must be the 2 good sides ? thank you very much! mieke