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Loose Ends

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Day in Knitting

I often hear, "Kim, how do you knit so much?  And with 2 little ones?"  Well, today, I'm going to show you!  It's amazing how much knitting you can get done when you sneak it in a row here, a row there. We start off in the morning with a little bit of a sleeve that I started the night before:

This is a pattern that I'm writing myself for Flicker from Berroco.  LOVE this yarn, it's a cable construction (so it looks kind of braided instead of twisted) with a little hint of sparkle.  It is so squishy, which, of course, I love.  So anywho, we started off yesterday playing restaurant, my server:

After some fun restaurant play, with Zoë at my feet playing with a box of hot wheels, it was time for Zoë to have her morning nap.  Usually Clara and I watch a Sesame Street.  This is some very good knitting time!

Clara prepares some snacks for Sesame Street!

my progress before naptime - only an inch!
my view during Sesame Street
After naptime, we have to have a spot of lunch and play and at some point I can usually get the girls playing independently to knit a little more.  We're back to the "restaurant" this time Clara colors for a while and the zone is playing _under_ the table...

my progress after naptime
It was sometime around here where I realized my math was correct but my initial conditions were ALL WRONG!  I tried to make it work, but the sleeve was looking weirder and weirder and so, well, before:


While the girls were bouncing on the couch I managed to re-take my gauge (it was off 4.5 instead of 4 sts per inch and 6.5 instead of 5.5 rows...oops) and re-do my math (lengthening the sleeve significantly)  Of course, the evening doldrums started to creep in and we had two tantrums and one (very long) meltdown.  So dinner was in order!  After Josh came home, dinner was finished and Clara and Mommy were back from our ice cream date it was time to get back to that sleeve.  My favorite knitting time is when one of the girls is in the tub.  They are both self sufficient enough that they don't need my hands on - but do need supervision.  So while Clara was creating adventures with one of her toys sailing the seas, with many mishaps and boat fixing and even making his own raft and riding around on turtle - I was starting the sleeve over:

just cast on - not even joined in the round yet!

After the girls go to sleep, is my next best time for knitting.  Usually we relax in front of the tube - either josh plays some video games or we watch some quality programming.  After 2 episodes of X-files I've got a lot more sleeve:

Oh, just think about how much more I would get done if I didn't have to rip out so much!  That's okay, really, it's all part of the design process.  I could tell you that it's all sleep-deprived haze that makes me screw up so much.  But, honestly, I did just as much ripping out before I had kids.  I just make lots of mistakes! 

I can't wait to get a little farther on this sweater, I discovered something pretty neat while making the other side-to-side sweater and I want to make a little tutorial for you.  You definitely will be seeing more of this Flicker!  So there you have it, almost a sleeve (or two depending on how you think about it) in one day of knitting with kids... Not too bad!  If you can manage to put down your knitting at a moment's notice to kiss boo-boos or do some state-department level negotiations for the yellow bouncy ball then you can get as much knitting done as me! 

Now, back to that sleeve!


Elizabeth Marks said...

I like this because it lets me pretend that I am capable of following your days from afar :)

Cambria said...

Who knew that designing was mostly about swatches and ripping out your knitting ;) I do now.