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Loose Ends

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Monday, January 17, 2011

a tour of my home away from home

It's so funny to think that just a year ago Naomi and I decided that having two kids in the store just might be one too many and that perhaps since we were open 7 days a week it might be useful to have me work in the off time keeping track of orders, bills, payroll and whatnot.  Last January, I stopped working part-time in the store and began working part-time for the store.  What an enormous change! 

We (all three of us) went into the shop last friday to help Naomi with a particularly large order of Cascade yarns that had arrived. (When we say we recieved a ton of yarn we mean literally 2000 pounds!)  It was very nostalgic for me having my babes with me in the store.  When I think that I basically did all of my early parenting with Clara in that space... (and in the previous space just down the road) that Clara pulled herself up to a stand for the first time in the old Bella, all of those moments of her baby-hood are so deeply tied to those spaces.  It was our home away from home, a place that she knows as intimately as our own house.  It makes me a little sad that Zoë won't have that experience of being there daily, but logistically it is a challenge and we are sometimes not much more than comedic relief for Naomi when we do visit.  I do feel we all need to go there more often so she can feel as comfortable there as Clara does.  And I do miss the store and helping my ladies find what they need. 

You may not have been to the shop in a while (or ever, really, if you are coming to this blog from far away) and you may be interested to see what it looks like now.  Why don't you come in for a moment?

Some gorgeous Blue Heron Metallic Rayon that greets you at the door along with...

Some hand-made lavendar wands from Naomi's Sister.  We have a much diminished supply of these.  THis photo was taken about a month ago and many have sold.  We get them seasonally, as Naomi's Sister grows the lavender herself.

We had to put our register in the middle of the shop, due to some visibility and resulting *cough* shrinkage.  But we love having it there.  It freed up the back wall for something we've always needed - a place to put our leaflet patterns.  Now you can easily browse all of them!

We also have expanded the machine washable section to the north side of the store.  Can you believe that ALL of these yarns are machine washable?

I actually can't get the machine washable section all in one frame, it's just that large, you're missing on seeing another whole bay of yarn - the bulky machine washables.

Now the hand-wash yarns take up the south wall and the center island.

And a class in progress:

So much fun!  I didn't take pictures of the store room, because you aren't supposed to be back there anyway!  And if you knew how large Naomi's stash was, you would try to break in at any opportunity!

It's so lovely there, don't you just want to come visit sometime soon?  Maybe for class this Thursday?  More adorable pictures of the girls in a couple of days... I promise.  Hopefully one of a brand new tooth if we're lucky ;)


Kimiko Knits said...

I cannot believe how far you have come, from being in the original teeny tiny space down the street. I am so happy to have such a wonderful yarn store like yours right down the street from me. It is a beautiful space!
It makes me really sad, though, that some people would have the gall to "shrink the inventory" on their own accord.
Can't wait to come in soon and drool over the yarn! I promise it will only be on the m achine washable yarn ;-)

karen said...

You refer to the store as your "home away from home"... well I can tell you with all sincerity, it is a feeling I get as soon as I walk through the door, warm and welcoming, where no question is to silly, no knitting mistake is to awful to repair, and everyone is happy to see you..almost like family(LOL). One my favorite days was when I found Bella Yarns!

JMacKnits said...

I came into the store yesterday for the first time and fell in LOVE!!! If I had my way, I would have bought one of each of everything! I cannot wait to make my next trip out to Warren!