Loose Ends

Loose Ends

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Little toes (now, not so cold!)

I had promised you some shots of Zoë's little socks in use.  I maintain that this is the best baby sock pattern ever. Naomi made some for Clara many moons ago and she wore them for over a year. She has tiny feet that decided not to grow so much until this year (3 shoe sizes in about as many months.... phew!)  but these are great.  

A trained eye may notice that I made two left socks, oops!  No time to rip out since her toes were really cold, right? 

These were made out of Hacho, from the Mirasol Collection.  It's one of my favorite yarns that we couldn't support at the store.  I have odd taste in yarn, apparently. But when we decided to close this yarn out I bought most of it to stockpile for just these reasons. It is super warm and durable and perfect for kids stuff that you don't mind handwashing.  She's felted these socks a bit already, and I really do need to make more of them.  I also have an idea for little matching baby legwarmers... the first one is on my needles, but not going very far.  I've started a project for me that has taken all of my attention.  Maybe one of these nights if Zoë gets to bed at a reasonable hour.  Knitting on dpns while the girls are playing around me always seems like I'm tempting fate.  Very Pokey!

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Cambria said...

I, too, love the hacho. It makes fantastically warm mittens and Alex loves them...so I stocked some too :)