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Loose Ends

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

from the world of sick & ick

Last week we had an absolutely lovely play date with dear friends of ours who happened to be a wee bit under the weather.  It was positively delightful, a balm for this (sometimes feeling a little isolated) mommy and Clara was BEAMING because she loves these dear boys so much.  except, well, it turned out that the boys were a little more than a wee bit under the weather... and we got hit with a douzy. 

we have been to the doctor and to the emergency room with Clara and while she is feeling much much better, now Zoë has the cough and we are watching her closely.  So I haven't had much time to think about this space as I would like and I'm just coming up for air and hoping that I'm not getting the ick as well. 

I haven't forgotten about you dear readers!  I promise!  This is the first time in a few days this computer is being used for something besides playing Kiki and Totoro over and over and over to entertain our adorable toddler.  I have to say, that in the small world files, the on call doctor at the emergency room is married to a knitter and we recognized eachother from the shop.  Of course Clara was wearing her orange socks that I had knit her (Feverish as she was (105!) her feet were like ice.) and everyone admired them and it was one of the first things the amazing staff at Hasbro got her to talk about once her fever started to go down.

I was needing a bit of the normal and I was so inspired by SouleMama's inventory of her knitting basket, that I thought I would show you what I'm working on these days.  There are too many things, and like usual, some of them are experiments that will be frogged eventually, but I hope it's fun for you all to see my design process, and to see that things do take me longer than, say, 5 minutes to knit!  Now, this list is by no means an accurate depiction of all the projects I have in needles... it's just what I'm carrying around with me in my knitting tote.  Shall we begin?

This is something I've been working on for a few weeks.  Featherweight Cardigan from Hannah Fettig.   I'm totally in love with this pattern and the yarn: madelinetosh merino light.  It's gorgeous, and a bit more green than the photo shows.  The pattern is entirely, deliciously, mindless and perfect for moments where I just need my hands to move.  Of course, I totally screwed up my switch to the ribbing while watching Inception this weekend.  I knew it was a good movie while I was watching it, but to get me to screw up a K1, P1 ribbing, it must have been exceedingly good.  I'm almost finished with the ribbing.  It's a slow mover because of the gauge and my girth, but it's a a pleasure!  And it's for me!

This is another Little Pea, there has been a lot of interest in the pattern and I'm trying to work out some kinks in the sizing.  I realized a major gaff on my part (knitting to size, instead of adding ease, doh!) which means that all of my sizes are one size too small.  I was wondering why the 12 month size looked so good on Zoë... So I have to either rework, or just add a few more sizes.  I'm just wondering if this is going to be a good 12 month size or not, we shall see.  It's a pretty quick knit- I knit the above in one evening, but there are a lot of sizes and I tend not to notice them being all wonky until I put the sleeve stitches on holders.  It's knit with Hacho (big surprise, i do have *cough* a lot of that in my stash...) in a color that will hopefully look nice with the yarn I've picked out for the next size up.  I'm already imagining the photo shoot for this one!  We'll see if this gets frogged for a better size or not.

These are a little pair of socks for my big girl.  We went to the the store a little over a week ago to help Naomi with this ridiculous shipment of yarn.  Clara was such a huge help, and so very well behaved, that as a reward she got to pick a ball of yarn. Of course, girl after my own heart, she picked some Madelinetosh sock... in super saturated green.  When our doctor told us to bring things to keep us occupied for our trip to the ER (wise man) I grabbed this to wind up and work on.  It's lovely, just as the insane orange that she picked out for sister matching socks.  I didn't want to do a plain pattern so I wandered through my Knits & Purls Harmony Guide and found something I liked.  They are adorable, but possibly too large.  She'll grow, thank goodness.

Do gauge swatches count?  This is Berroco Flicker, a new yarn that is sick- sick I tell you.  Chainet construction, wool and a very tasteful strand of metallic running through?  Oh, yes, please.  I have two different ideas for this yarn.  But I'm not sure which to dive into first.  You'll have to wait and see.   It is light as air and so so so soft.

And now from the really deep freeze department, a Lizard Ridge that I've been working on for literally years.  I made all of these squares when we were deep into Kureyon at the shop so customers could see the different colors.  It was useful, but cumbersome and we've come up with a different system, so the squares all came home with me and have been taking up a huge amount of space on my wall of knitting projects. (wall?  yes, a wall.)  So when Clara was feverish and cold I thought immediately (in that irrational, my kid is sick kind of way) that I should finish that blanket and at least sew all of my worry and care into the blanket.  I got 9 squares together that night.  As you can see from the pile of remaining squares, there is still a bit of work to do.  But when a mama is that worried sometimes you can't actually knit.  Sewing pieces together is very mindless for me and good for those moments.  And, well, it's been cold here recently and it will be nice to have a wool blanket.

So that's what's in my bag right now.  There are some things I should be working on - josh's sweater?  yes.  I know.  I still just hate cotton.... but soon I'll work up enough guilt to start working on that again ;)  and oy, so many others.  But we'll just leave it there, okay?  No need to drag out my entire list of projects, right?  That would take quite a few posts. 

I hear my little one has gotten up from her nap so I must rescue her from the crib and get back to my mommy job.  Hopefully some cute pictures of the Zone with some finished items soon.  I will admit the snotty nose and sad looks have a particular adorable quality, but I don't think she's quite up for a photoshoot today. 

I hope this post finds you well! 


Judy Rhodes said...

The blanket that your projects were photographed was beautiful! *cough* *cough*

Elizabeth Marks said...

Get well soon everyone!
And all of the yarn you work with is gorgeous. But I think my favorite from photos alone is the one for your sweater :)

Cambria said...

Hannah's Effortless Cardigan is equally comforting and mindless...but it's gonna take a long time to knit 13+ inches of sweater at 256 sts per row.

Shot Mama said...

Funny Clara's birth buddy is also a big Kiki fan...he plays Tombo and Kiki hanging from the ladder of his bunk bed:)
Get better quick!