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Loose Ends

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

all of my beautiful snow!

I know, I know, I'm nearly the only one in the universe, but winter is my favorite season.  I'm a hermit by nature (you would never know!) and I love the snuggling, hunkering down that we do during the winter.  It sounds unbelievable, but I even love the darkness!  I will admit that I wish the sun rose a little earlier in the day, but the 4pm sunset doesn't bother me one bit.  Having babies, I think, has made me appreciate the other seasons a little bit more... but I still love winter best.

The past couple of days my corner of New England has been hit by the most unpleasant of winter precipitation: the "wintery mix"  It wouldn't be so bad but the rain is ruining all of our snow!  It's not enough to melt the feet of snow we've gotten since Christmas, but it's enough to make everything, well, gross.  Hopefully Friday's forecast will pan out and it will all be replaced by new snow.  I know I'm crossing my fingers!

So, to console myself about this wretched weather, I'm going to go back in time to some playtime in the snow just before the new year.  Clara is finally old enough to appreciate all that a major snowstorm can provide and it's great to have someone to play in the snow with.  I love how bright and magical the few days after a snowstorm are.  All the sunlight reflects off of the snow and the sky is so blue and clear!  She loves helping me shovel our walk. We don't have a tiny sized snow-shovel, so she uses a dustpan to shovel... fantastic!  And when we're done shovelling she loves playing Queen of Snow Mountain! 

My business partner grew up in Texas and never experienced snow as a child with all the possibilities for play it provided.  She only knows snow as an adult with all of the annoyance of removal and the horrible driving conditions.  I hope these few photos help remind you how much fun it can be, and if you were unlucky enough to never experience snow as a child yourself, to see how much fun it can be!  (trust me, get some snow pants and dive in, you won't regret it!)

Happy Winter! 

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Cambria said...

I grew up in California, so I never got to experience snow from a child's perspective either. But is really is fun to watch Alex out playing in it. And one last thing...I fly in on Friday so let's try to hold the snow off till Saturday :)