Loose Ends

Loose Ends

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Friday, September 24, 2010

SWTC Bamboo sublime baby dress

For this adorable little number we picked South West Trading Company's Bamboo. THis bamboo differs a bit from other bamboos on the market. Most bamboos you find are made like any other rayon, the plant fibers are maserated and then extruded into fibers which are spun/woven together into yarn. This rayon is a bit different. The bamboo is hammered into many long fibers and then knit into a tape. This tape has the same problem I have with most tapes, that I find myself stabbing the tape with my needle when I try to knit it. It's pretty forgiving to knit and I did manage to get through this little project on my addi lace needles. For something bigger I would definitely switch to a more blunt tipped needle.
Despite my issues with tape yarns, I seriously love this yarn. It's so soft! Bamboo is slippery soft in general but this one just seems so much nicer. The color, again, is one I found a little loud, but it turned out so lovely and I would definitely put this on my purple girl! This took much less than one ball of yarn, making it a nice bargain for a baby shower. The knitted fabric has a bit of drape, but not nearly as much as some of the other bamboos I've used. I don't think gratuitous stretch is a problem with this yarn, making it suitable for grown-up garments as well.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

swtc aMAIZing!

The yarn for this baby dress is South West Trading Company's aMAIZing. I decided to mix it up with this one and do a two color version of the dress with a wee little pocket on the front. I mean, sheesh, it's a little much to knit so many of these dresses with no variation, right?

Normally, I don't like the tape yarns, i find them a bit fussy and a bit difficult to knit. (my needles are always stabbing into the tape!) This is definitely an exception. I remember knitting this during some very hot april days hanging out with Clara in the front yard. I barely had to look down from the toddler dance party to knit this. I was knitting with my addi Lace needles with their extra sharp point and I never had a problem stabbing through the yarn. This has to be the friendliest tape yarn ever made.

The knitted fabric definitely holds its shape (no drape! keep this in mind for grown up projects!) and feels very squishy and good. I picked a color I was a little unsure of for the dress and I loved how it turned out. The variagation is just right, with minimal pooling.

Really an enjoyable knit. Coming up: more SWTC!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Queensland Haze

For this baby dress we chose Queensland Haze, one of our funky Corn blends. And, you know, I have to be honest, knitting this yarn was not so much fun. It has very little give and was kinda hard on my hands.

That said, I absolutely love the results. It's soft and bouncy and not too stretchy. The knitted fabric has quite a bit of body and the colors are gorgeous. So while the knitting itself wasn't the best, the results were fantastic! This took less than one skein of the yarn too, so it's a nice bargain knit for a new baby!