Loose Ends

Loose Ends

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's little things, because I'm a mother and a knitter that make me really happy.  This morning as little zone (as clara has recently nicknamed her) was rocking out at the music table

I noticed something about the sweater she is wearing.  You see, it's a sweater that belonged to Josh when he was a little and I love it desperately.  For some reason I didn't steal it from Josh's mom when Clara was born, only this past summer when we were looking at clothes she had picked up at the awesome resale shop in Blue Hill.  Maybe it was too boy-ish?  But who are we kidding, I dressed Clara like a boy most of the time.  I don't know, but I love this sweater.  It is incredibly soft and very easy on and off and for some reason, just perfect for zoë. 

Anywho, I was admiring how she was finally happy for a moment (after some ibuprofen and a few extra layers... teething and cold weather a bad combo for zo zo) and I noticed this:

A little mistake.  The person who made this (I'm assuming it was Josh's mom, but I have to ask her) did a little absent minded purl 4 on the right side or knit 4 on the wrong side.  Of course, this is on the back, just a few rows past the ribbing so the knitter was still getting the hang of the pattern.  This is why we start most sweaters with the back, so if you screw it up, it's less noticeable!

One of the many things I love about knitting is that it is a person making something for someone.  Whether it is for themselves, for their family or friends, or to donate to someone in need, it is a human spending time to knit each stitch.  One by one they make something that can be (hopefully) cherished by the recipient.  I love the idea of Josh's mom, in the haze of pregnancy (hers were difficult) or in her baby moon knitting away for this little love that became the love of my life.  When he was wee, and cold (or tucked safely inside her) she knit each stitch, one by one, to make him something he could wear and I could treasure.

I remember when Josh and I were ordering our wedding rings I was very specific to the jeweler that I wanted him to make them by hand.  He told me that if he did that they wouldn't be perfect, that it would be better to have a machine make them.  But I want those imperfections.  Life, marriage, these things aren't without flaws.  It is the imperfections that remind us of our humanity and, for me, make these objects special.

These little mistakes are what make these items real to me and they send me through the roof with joy.  Of course, if it were me, I probably would have ripped back to fix it.  I think I'll reconsider in the future.  Maybe one day someone just like me will find the mistake and it will remind them of the person behind the sweater, knitting each of those stitches, one by one.


Ginger said...

tears! xo

Elizabeth Marks said...

wabi sabi! :)

Elizabeth Marks said...

btw thanks to your blog I am definitely going to join ravelry :) It looks like a great site.