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Monday, December 13, 2010

Cold Toes

One of the great things about being a knitter, and particularly a knitter with a yarn shop is that when the need strikes your family you can pretty much make anything on short notice.  Last week we had a serious cold snap here in Rhode Island.  We had temps in the teen's, highs not reaching the 30's and WIND!  There wasn't a lot of playing outdoors for us this week, as you can imagine.  But poor Zoë was still cold.  Even in her footie pj's, the fleece ones, with monsters on them, INSIDE.  One morning her thighs were even cold, and that just sent me over the edge.  She needed wool!  Now!

So I went into my ridiculous stash (that I cleaned out this summer and have been replenishing to about 4 lifetimes of yarn every since, sigh) and pulled out the most cheeful color of Hacho that I had and set to work.  Thank heaven for Car Bordhi and the miracle of the baby coriolis.  Best. Baby. Sock. Ever.

A trained eye may be able to tell that they are already pilled and felted a little.  They were finished thursday and spent the next few days on Zoë, next to her skin and underneath her jammies or her new faux shearling boots.  Together the boots and the socks do the trick and her toes have been toasty warm!  We are back to unseasonably warm, so all of our warm clothes will get a wash and a fold and be ready for the next snap!

I have plans for a pair of matching baby leggings that are like the yoga socks we have in the store.  It turns out that I usually keep her leggings over her heel to keep them down and it would be super convenient for her to just have a stirrup so she could have better movement with her feet. Seeing as how she spends most of her time standing and trying to climb things ;)  I've cast on, and they are trucking along. 

I also thought I'd show you the socks I'm working on for the girls out of the Madelinetosh that I wound up with my nostepinne a couple of weeks ago.  They are gorgeous so far:

These are Clara's socks. I would have whipped up Zoë's out of this, but those were emergency socks... so I found something DK weight so they would work up in a jiffy.  This pattern is from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush.  Infant's Fancy Silk Sock.  I've in fact knit this sock for Clara before, out of Misti Alpaca Laceweight handpaints doubled on a 00 needle.  This time I'm on fingering weight with a 3, and they are perfect for her.  I think I'll do the same thing for The Zone, but on much reduced stitches.  It's such a lovely little lace pattern, and Clara is really keen to match her sister.

So we're in the middle of operation warm toes right now.  I have been finishing up a few things for the shop and a few designs, and I hope to have updates for you soon.  Maybe when the sun comes back I'll get some adorable shots of these socks in use! 

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Elizabeth Marks said...

Oh I bet baby socks are a great way to use up odd amounts of yarn. I have so much yarn that just isn't enough to make any projects I think of. Maybe I need more coffee sleeves!