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Loose Ends

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Monday, November 8, 2010

unfavorable conditions

The weather here in Rhode Island has been really trisky the past week. Lots of rain, clouds and gloom. Last night we even had our first snow fall. The weather forecast said this weekend was supposed to be nice with lots of sun and it was cloudy and funky the whole time. So the photography opportunities were less than awesome!

Isn't that a lovely excuse for not sharing with you Clara's Winter Coat? Ahhhh, well, it's not the only reason, dear readers. I kind of hate it. Now, it serves its purpose, it is certainly warm and Clara LOVES it, but it is just not the sweater that I pictured in my head! The proportions are all wrong-o. The sleeves are just right, but the body is HUGE. The neck is way too big so what was supposed to be a turned over collar ended up going all mandarin on me. Also, the lining was an insane job but I finished it. I channeled my Tailor of Gloucester and hand stitched the buttonholes. I am not pleased with my results, but my little girl is. I guess we can call it a partial success. I'm sure that soon I will get over it enough to take a couple of quick shots for you (as soon as the conditions improve!)

So enter take 5? no I had to rip this one out once already... Take 6:

I'm still working on the original vision which is a cross between a sweater I saw on a girl at the farmer's market about a month ago and a peacoat. This one is the 6 month size because I'd like to work out the kinks in the proportions on the SMALLEST SIZE POSSIBLE! I started Clara's Coat I think 4 times and knit all the way to putting the sleeve stitches on holders each time before deciding it was wrong all wrong. I'm still not at all sure what to do about the collar, should I go for a turned over collar or no collar or maybe just a couple of rows of garter stitch to neaten it up... we'll see. I'll be thinking about that while I knit the sleeves.

The yarn is 220 superwash handpaint. We have our lovely inside out blanket in the shop now and it's doing its job admirably but we need to show folks how beautiful the 220 handpaints are... so this sweater is working double duty as sample and drawing board. Also, the gauge will be spot on for my outside in (or should i call it Right Side In?) sweater, so I can start that as soon as this pattern is out of my brain, which can come any day now, please!

In the evenings when I can't stand the thought of working on a sweater that I've tried to knit 6 times, I've been working on a pair of fingerless gloves for me. This is the most selfish knitting I have done in a long long time. a) it's for me. b) it's not yarn we sell in the store c) it's a free pattern off the web!

it's coming along nicely:

details on ravelry. Hands are still cold, but soon, SOON, they won't be. yay!

In other news, Naomi and I will be having a book signing for the newest One Skein Wonders. We both have patterns in the book... Naomi actually has TWO! We're very very proud of it. I'm really excited about a lot of the patterns in the book, not just ours.

So save the date: December 1st @ 6:30 pm. We'll have treats and drinks and we'll sign your book!

Next week hopefully a new pattern on ravelry and some better photos. I'm shopping for a new camera that will help with my woeful lighting conditions and very swiftly moving targets! until then!


Cambria said...

You are the fastest knitter I've ever seen! Didn't we just pick out that yarn on Thursday? And I love-love-love the mitts :)

Kim said...

Cam, you only say that because I didn't put anything in the pic for scale.... it's a REALLY small sweater! hahaha.