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Loose Ends

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Inside out turns me outside in!

This time, dear readers, I present to you the Inside Out Baby Blanket designed by my intrepid business partner Naomi Herzfeld. She designed this awesome blanket for a yarn we loved (Cascade 220 Superwash) that wasn't doing as well as we had hoped... and BOOM it starts flying off the shelves! We had the blanket in the shop until the Cascade Yarns rep was visiting and he LOVED it. He asked if Naomi would be interested in selling Cascade the pattern? Well, we love love love being published, so of course she jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately, they needed to take the blanket, leaving our poor store blanket-less and more importantly sample-less for the wonderful 220 Superwash. So onto my knitting queue went the fantastic Inside Out Baby Blanket.

Now, I have to say, that I had issues with the pattern. Mostly because I am a dork. My partner so kindly fixed them and emailed the changes to Cascade so you wouldn't suffer! They were little things, that if you are me, and you are ridiculous, end up costing you a lot of knitting time.

The main issue I had was that Cascade photographed the blanket (with a white border) on a white background and then cropped the border off. Being the dork I am, I am used to fudging a pattern when I think it's wrong (even when my partner designed it (oops!)) and making it look like the picture. Well, that made me knit the border in a totally wrong color which I had to rip out and then re-do. This normally wouldn't have bothered me but the blanket is knit center out, so I had to rip out 13 rows at 8 trillion stitches per row. yargh!!!!! Even worse, I thought I was running out of yarn (because I was knitting the border in the wrong color!) so it stalled my progress on the blanket until I could get to the shop and chat with Naomi about it. It was then I discovered the weirdness on the photo, which led to my stupidity and the resulting unfortunate frogging. sigh. Not a rockstar moment!

But in the end, it turned out beautifully! You just have to feel it to properly understand. Once you wash the 220 superwash it gets so soft!!! Zoƫ definitely approves!

Pattern is available online for free here with new photos and corrections! It takes 5 skeins of 220 superwash, 2 in the eyelet/border color and 1 each of 3 other colors. In the time since Naomi designed the blanket we've seen many variations of yarn and color and they have all been beautiful! I tried to do something a little more grown-up with this color scheme so you could imagine knitting it larger for your home (not just a baby) but I was so inspired by the colors that I want to knit an "outside in" baby sweater reversing the colors, have the gray be the stripes and alternate different turquoise colors for the eyelets. That's coming soon. Some teething, a 3rd birthday, halloween and a (sigh) water main leak at my house have seriously limited my knitting time so I haven't finished Clara's winter coat sweater yet (in my LOVE tonos worsted) It's coming... I am on the 2nd sleeve! Last night we gave the Zo some advil and watched some X-files on the netflix streaming. If all goes well I'll have some photos for you next week!


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Cambria said...

yay! I was totally there for the photo shoot, lol. Love the blanket (and the baby).