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Loose Ends

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a day late...

Oh dear, let me tell you, things have been nuts in our house recently! Lots of crafting, colds, teething, solid foods (and all the resulting digestive fun, poor zoƫ) and not as much time for the blogging. Sunday night I got a whole hour of sleep (1!) and I was a zombie on monday. Happily, i got to buy lots of yarn for the shop from Berroco... boy do they have some great things coming up! But you'll have to wait a bit to see that (sometime in February...)

So finally, here is a little photo of Clara in her winter coat. She's obviously 3 in this one...

Thank god for blogging or I never would have noticed that the non-buttoning buttons need some serious tightening! Then I got her to show a bit of the lining (she's happier now because we're on our way to watch the sesame street!)

Had a lovely visit with our Berroco rep yesterday (even though I was a zombie) and I was discussing my problems with the Weekend. I've been knitting off and on a sweater for Josh and not loving it. It's the perfect yarn for him, because he's a hot person and all of the wool sweaters I've knit him inevitably end up in the "when it's really cold" pile. Frankly, it doesn't get that cold in Rhode Island (at least not by our standards having grown up in Maine...) so he never wears them.

I really wanted to make him something that he would wear, and so I settled on making him a cotton sweater. I'm no great lover of knitting with cottons, so I had to wait for just the right one. When we got Weekend, I thought it was a good candidate, and the reviews from our customers put me over the edge. So I took a bag home and cast on Lakenvelder:

Well, I hated knitting it. It was splitty and weird and I just couldn't stand it. Now, Josh is no small man either and it was looking like it was going to be a LOT of knitting. sigh. So, into the bottom of the B-list knitting bag it went and I went on to other projects. Josh is a very patient man (otherwise he never would have married me!) and he understood that other things were very important to knit. I had a string of samples that the store needed and the sweater just kind of sat around for those moments where I needed something mindless.
Enter Andra who tells me that I shouldn't be knitting the thing on bamboo needles and try some turbos. She had no problem with the yarn! Well, sitting there during our spring yarn visit I whipped out some turbos and switched over. I'm in love! Which is a good thing because having forgotten what size I was knitting I totally screwed up the armhole shaping and had to frog back to the bind off... just a few hours of knitting!
Oh, and speaking of frogging. Those lovely nereid gloves went into the pond as well. I finished the first one (a thing of beauty!) and weighed the rest of the ball and realized I wouldn't have enough for the other. Seeing as I am fortunate enough to have TWO hands, I had to frog it. I just whipped up a pair of incredibly simple fingerless gloves. I innovated a bit adding some thumb shaping so my thumb wouldn't end up with a floppy little tube. I'm loving the results and I will hopefully pop it up on ravelry soon. I'm definitely planning on going back to the nereid gloves soon, probably with some string theory that I've got hanging around that will be a much better match for that pattern.
That is... as soon as I can put down Josh's sweater! More news soon on some new ravelry downloads and also that adorable sweater I was working on last week. I just need to weave the ends in an put it on my willing model! Soon!
Oh, and do you like the new look/name? That's all that's going to change, promise. We just realized that Naomi is not a blogger and it would be better if the blog were just mine. That gives me a little more freedom to talk about things not so specifically related to the shop (but who are we kidding... nearly all of my yarn comes from there!)

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delilahbowie said...

Clara is teh cute! She'll be so big in May, I can't stand it. Her coat is darling too.