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Loose Ends

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Monday, October 18, 2010

you, me, and a deserted island

Everyone talks about what they would take should they ever have the misfortune of getting stranded on a deserted island. Well, frankly, I'm hoping that the island I end up on is in the arctic circle, or possibly that I end up stranded at a deserted ski resort! If so, this yarn is now on the top of my must have list. Misti Tonos worsted. holy cow do I love this yarn. It's 50/50 alpaca wool blend in beautifully tonally dyed colors. gaaaaaaaaah. it's just to beautiful for words.

When I was pregnant with the Zoughut (as we like to call her) she had this knack for picking out yarn by kicking me when i was holding it. (much like my mother reports that I picked the house we lived in when I was born!) Previous to this selection she was really into blues, but when the tonos came in last fall she fell in love with this purple. I knew that it was going to turn into her winter sweater, but I wasn't sure what sweater, or what size for that matter, so off it went into my stash until the time when it spoke to us again.

A few weeks after I returned from my maternity leave, Zo and I were hanging out on the couches teaching a class and she started staring at Cambria's February sweater. Now, the little knitting junky in my mind remembered that that was originally a baby pattern and could it work? Amazingly enough it was perfect! Right gauge, right size, true love! The pattern is found in The Knitter's Almanac and is a little hand-wavy like most Zimmermann patterns. I did have to rip out a bunch for some silly reason, but honestly the thing is so small that it hardly seems worth mentioning it. I love that the sleeves are loose and a little on the short side. She's into everything these days and it's nice that they don't really get in the way of her adventures.

I just barely scratched the surface of the 2nd ball of yarn for the sweater so my mom in law made a hat for her and her big sister out of it. She used the left overs from a hat I had made for the shop in a different color. So cute! That ends up being 3 balls of yarn for a baby sweater, a baby hat, a hat for a 3 yr old and a had for an adult. Great yardage!

This yarn is such a joy to knit and so beautiful that I've already stashed a bunch for Clara's winter sweater (that I'd better get crackin' on!) I have in mind to knit myself a sweater out of this gorg teal we have as well. I think it's my new favorite.

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