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Loose Ends

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sublime Baby Dresses! The First of many...

We have a lot of washable yarns at the shop, specifically a lot of DK washable yarns and I wanted to do one sample that would showcase the differences between them to help folks make educated decisions about which one they wanted to use. We picked 5 different yarns that we thought would be fun candidates and I set to work.
For the sample, we chose a little baby top from Sublime #606. I had already knit one of these babies for my (then soon-to-be) little Zoë out of a yarn you can't get anymore (Jo Sharp Soho Summer, in navy... she's a blue kinda girl!) and loved it. It takes practically no time at all to knit and some of these would only use up one ball of yarn!
Pattern Notes: I knit the one for Zoë in the round, changing the pattern and I didn't enjoy it, so I thought I would do as directed and knit it flat and sew it up. It seemed to go even faster in pieces, as the mindless stockinette part seemed shorter.... I did hate the finishing picking up and knitting around the straps that I did on Zoë's so I omitted that step and I think it looks really clean without it.
Yarn Notes: This first edition is in Sirdar Juicy, 80% Bamboo, 20% Cotton. I love the way this yarn feels in the ball and it's an absolute joy to knit. Not too splitty and nice and slippery. It is definitely baby soft, I wouldn't hesitate to put this on a wee one! This version took 2 balls, with enough left over to whip up a pair of booties, if you like. You will notice from the photo that this yarn does have a tendency to grooooooooooooooooooow, so I would recommend making the straps much shorter than called for in the pattern (I did this in later bamboo versions) to accomodate this tendency. Also, we learn, don't make this for fitted garments as you will be disappointed with the results! This is a great yarn for something you want to wear close to your skin...
Stay tuned for version 2!

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