Loose Ends

Loose Ends

the creative impulse gone awry

Sunday, February 11, 2007

new toy, new project, new neckache

Well, I got a fabulous rewards check from Staples because I used their overpriced copy service for my last mailing and I couldn't resist getting a digital camera to use for the blog. When I was walking to the checkout the tiny young man that had helped me pick my camera asked if I wanted to buy a case to put the camera in. What?!? Buy a case? please.

I had to run home and make one! As I was on my way home (and to be sure the camera was a bit of an impulse buy) I had not really brought anything home specifically for a camera case so I dug into one of my craft closets. I found some suede from this bag I had been crocheting before it demoralized me completely. I pulled out the yarn I had crocheted and wound it back into a ball and grabbed a skein of the other two colors I had planned for the tote bag and set to work. First I crocheted a chain a little longer than the bottom of my camera. I worked back and forth in single crochet for a while until it was a little wider than my camera and then I started working in the round, changing colors when I felt like it, until it was as tall as my camera is to the wrist strap. Then back and forth for two rows, then joined in the round again (to make a hole for my wrist strap to go through) then around and around until it was as tall as my camera. I did one round of decrease (sc in the next 3 sc, skip 1 sc) then another round even. Then I started working back and forth over 1/2 of the stitches for the long flap. I did that until it would wrap around the whole thing once with the camera inside. I ended by doing one round of sc around the edge of the flap, across the front edge of the bag, then up the other edge of the flap. The tie is just one strand of each of the two contrast colors in a crochet chain with a little tassel on the end.

Of course I was so excited about it that I crocheted non-stop for 3 hours. I now have a serious neck problem and shooting pains up my left wrist and my right thumb. oops. It's a good thing I have a massage schedule for monday, or it might have cut down on my knitting time!