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Loose Ends

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Another sample, another yarn I adore that hasn't sold very well. The yarn in question is Misti Alpaca's "worsted" 4ply 80% baby suri alpaca/20% silk. I put the worsted in quotes because there is absolutely no way that stuff knits up to a worsted gauge... but it is gorgeous nonetheless. People mistake it for cashmere all the time because it's so freakin' soft. Now, I know it's not cashmere because cashmere feels soft in a different way. This stuff is really slippery soft, probably because both alpaca and silk have that slippery soft feeling to me. Anyhow, I love this yarn, but up until this year when most knitter's decided that they could use smaller needles (bless them!) it really wouldn't have been what most people would want in a sweater yarn. Now, it's right up their ally, and the colors are beautiful and rich and the stuff knits really easily. I thoroughly enjoyed the cowl even though I chose to do it in seed stitch and it was really boring. It felt nice while I was bored doing it! ;)

The finished product came out really well, as you can see from the photo. Most orange colors frighten me, but this one is so nice I put it on one of the models in the front window. I actually knit the thing on #8 needles (because I was lazy and those were within reach... and 20/20 hindsight, I do like seed stitch knit at a slightly loose gauge) 145 stitches, 2 skeins, do seed stitch until you run out of yarn.

PS. I'm so thrilled with the quality of photos that my camera makes. :)

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kathrynka said...

Hi Kim,
I have this yarn in moss green and I made an awesome long scarf that can double as an Audrey Hepburn headwrap. You're right, it's a great yarn.

PS: You should put a link to your blog on your store site!