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Loose Ends

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Addicted to Knitting Nature

Once again, I was drooling over the masterpiece Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan and Amy, my intrepid employee pointed out that one of the pieces "Spiral Tank" was actually knit out of a yarn that I needed to make a sample out of. It was another yarn that I've had forever that needs a sample (ie. it doesn't sell itself) While Cotton Classic is the farthest thing from pastel hairball, it is kinda boring unless you do something with it and boy does Norah do something with it in the spiral tank.

I found the pattern enjoyable. I knit all of the boring stockinette pieces first in order of most to least boring (hey, at least with the left front there is all that wacky increasing and decreasing! Anything that forces me to use two post-it notes to keep track of what row I'm on is a winner!) I was even a good girl and did all my finishing work before the cable panel so I would have something to look forward to while I was doing all of that sewing and reverse stockinette neckband stuff. (yawn)

I used a color that I hate. I usually do this with samples.... Obviously the colors I like are ones that are easy for me to sell. I find after I spend some time with a truly awful color I can appreciate it more and those folks that love bright yellow will have something truly inspiring. Also, I had a ton of bright yellow. I have to admit that the color grew on me and I really like the result. After the sample has hung around for a year or so, I may even wear it. Sweet!

Of course as soon as I start working on something summer-y our non-existant winter decides to pull a 180 and we are in the middle of a very long very brutal (for southern new england) cold snap. So the finished product isn't getting that much attention yet. I'm sure once it' s beach weather, everyone will be all over it.

PS. please forgive my color levels. horrible florescent lights and a new camera. hopefully we'll have it all figured out soon!

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Julie said...

This is gorgeous! I've had my eye on the Ogee Tunic from Knitting Nature. But you've inspired me to do this tank first! Very nice.

(I really hate my computer. It's taken four tries to get this to go through, so if you have a bunch of posts from me, that's why!)